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When will my payment complete?

When you schedule a payment, you will be shown the date of withdrawal and the date your payment is received by your biller. This information will also appear in the e-mail sent from doxo when you scheduled your payment—this email has the most accurate information regarding your payment at a glance.

Your payment will start processing at 5:00 p.m. PST on the date it was scheduled, and will be delivered on or before the delivery date indicated for the payment (Note: The default payment completion date is usually the next available weekday after the processing period). Providers then take 2 business days to post the payment to your account. This means your payment should complete on the fifth business day after it’s scheduled. In essence, a payment scheduled on Monday will post on the next Monday.

Here are some helpful facts on payments and transaction times:

  • Credit and debit payments will spend 1 business day processing before being sent to your biller.
  • ACH payments made with account and routing numbers will spend 3 business days processing before being sent to your biller.
  • Once the biller has the payment, it will take up to 2 business days for the provider to post it to your account. This is the “pay on” date displayed by doxo.
  • Withdrawals will be posted by your bank the day after the payment begins processing. This is the withdrawal date displayed by doxo.
  • The best reference for you is your payment confirmation emails, which specify each of the following:
    • Pay by: This date is the date by which your biller should have acknowledged your payment.
    • Withdraw on: This is the date funds are removed from your bank account.
  • Payments are withdrawn before the date of completion—this is perfectly routine and necessary for a payment. If your biller does not reflect the payment by the day after the payment date, please feel free to contact doxo support, and we’ll be happy to help figure out the problem.