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What is Late Fee Protection with doxoPLUS?

Late Fee Protection is one of the 5 Essential Bill Pay Protections provided by doxoPLUS subscription.

Reduce the anxiety of late fees and penalties when you pay your bills with doxoPLUS Late Fee Protection.

Each year American Consumers pay over $10 billion in biller fees and penalties for failing to pay on time. doxo makes it easy to manage all your due dates in one place and stay ahead of payment deadlines.

With doxoPLUS Late Fee Protection, if a doxo payment fails to deliver by the delivery date specified at time of payment submission, and the original delivery date provided is prior to your due date for that bill payment, doxo will provide no more than twice the amount of the late fee charged and no more than three late fee reimbursements in any 30 day period. Late fee reimbursement maximum claim is limited to $100 per incident.

In case of a Late Fee Protection claim, please submit a claim with the necessary information or reach out to doxo support.

Additional information is available about doxoPLUS Late Fee Protection in doxoPLUS Terms of Use.

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