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Simplify bill pay with a fast, secure, all-in-one platform

doxo is the leading cloud-based bill pay solution that simplifies the bill pay process with real-time payment tracking, faster payment collections, and no more NSF for Billers and Service Providers.

  • No set up fees
  • No integration fees
  • No hidden fees

Finally, a digital bill pay platform built
around the user experience

Learn why thousands of Billers and Service Providers are switching to doxo.

No More NSF

doxo handles real-time
customer account validation and all
bank return processing. No more
hours focused on reversing accounts
due to returns.

Accelerate Autopay

No more paper forms or
collecting return checks to enroll.
Reduce late payments, decrease delinquencies, and accelerate collection rates with autopay included directly in each customer payment flow.

Real-time Payment Visibility

Full visibility into all customer payments
at all times. Save your team 50% less
time reviewing customer files with
real-time payment details including
payments scheduled, pending,
and completed transactions.

Premium Security

Our PCI-compliant platform has
state-of-the-art reconciliation,
fraud detection, and security
to protect user information.

Live Dedicated
Biller Support

We have dedicated live support teams for you with a 98% customer satisfaction rating (CSAT) supporting 120,000+ providers. Plus 24/7 Self-Support with chatbot and online services.

Pay-by-Phone Service Designed for Your Customers

We handle customer bill payment calls,
so you don’t have to. Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service gives
your customers access to around
the clock bill payment phone service
providing pay-by-phone, bill due amount, and date for your customers.


Not all online bill pay solutions
are optimized for mobile.
We offer seamless functionality
across all devices for a truly
convenient and accessible
user experience.

Seamless Integrations

We work in tandem with any
financial, accounting, or
billing software.

Customer Notifications

Easily send bills, notifications,
and updates to your customers in
minutes. Promote going online with
customer adoption campaigns, QR code
bill inserts, social media posts,
email outreach, press and media
alerts, and direct mailers.

More Ways to Pay

Deliver the security and convenience your customers deserve

Accept payments seamlessly from any device, smartphone (iOS App Store and Android Google Play), or pay-by-phone. doxo’s all-in-one payment platform allows your customers to manage how and when they pay with more payment options including:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Digital Wallet (Apple Pay)
  • Bank Account (ACH)

Our PCI-compliant platform has state-of-the-art reconciliation, fraud detection, and security measures to protect user information.

Customer account and payment information stored on doxo is encrypted or tokenized to ensure user information is always secure.

Optimized for Mobile

Is your current online bill pay service

62% of Americans pay bills on a mobile device.

Deliver exceptional cross-device customer experiences with doxo, ensuring secure, swift, and comprehensive payments, whether through mobile, desktop, or pay-by-phone methods for every transaction.

Data provided by doxoINSIGHTS, a unique, aggregate, anonymized view into America’s cost of bills with data from over 10 million households across all 50 states covering 97% of zip codes.

How doxo works for your customers

doxo mobile app never miss a due date
doxo mobile app real-time payment tracking
  1. 01

    Step 1: More Ways to Pay

    Your customers will have the ability to pay from your website, pay-by-phone (IVR), bill invoice (with QR code and website url),, or the doxo app (available for iOS and Android).

  2. 02

    Step 2: Flexible Payment Methods

    Your customers will have the ability to pay with credit, debit, Apple Pay, or for FREE with a linked bank account.

  3. 03

    Step 3: Accelerated Autopay Adoption

    doxo mobile app never miss a due date

    Customers can schedule one-time payments, set specific payment dates, sign-up for autopay with variable or fixed amounts and choose from multiple payment methods all within the same interface.

  4. 04

    Step 4: Real-time Payment Tracking

    doxo mobile app real-time payment tracking

    Real-time payment tracking for your customers, PLUS see all payments scheduled, pending, and received. Keeping payment tracking simple for your internal teams.

Market data, service-specific insights,
customer analytics, and more

Unlock consumer payment insights like never before, not only for your customers but also for service providers across multiple industries and locations with doxoINSIGHTS Household Bill Pay Reports and Biller specific content available only from doxo.

Gain insight into:

  • Payment Performance
  • Industry & Service Specific Reports
  • Regional Reports
  • Customer Analytics

doxo is largest U.S. billing network servicing over 120,000 billers and supporting nearly 10 million users, doxo’s proprietary, unique, aggregate, anonymized market insights can provide your team with the largest comprehensive analysis into the household bill pay industry.

Reviews that speak volumes

Easy sign-up for autopay! “Since signing up for doxoDIRECT and making it easier for our customers to pay online by adding the doxo bill pay button, the process has become even more efficient. We continue to tell new customers about doxo and how easy it is to sign up for auto-payments!”

City Treasurer

Ensure On-time Payments “We encourage all of our customers to sign up for doxo and automatic payments. doxo ensures that customers pay their bill on time.”

Office Manager

Reconciliation is Simple & Easy “The reconciliation reports are simple to follow and easy to match for our treasury department.”

City Utility Administrator

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to assist you with all your billing challenges, covering benefits, features, and how doxo collaborates with your team.

  • When your company joins doxoDIRECT you get access to the doxo Control Panel for your business. The doxo Control Panel allows you to see all payments made by doxo users to you from the moment they are scheduled until they are deposited in your bank account. In addition to the dashboard, your business receives a daily payment reconciliation file in the format you select.

  • Sign up for doxoDIRECT and receive payments as a daily deposit to a bank account of your choosing. Direct payment setup is simple, and it’s free.

  • doxo is authorized by users to send payments on their behalf (similar to how a user issues payment through bank bill payment services). Billers may also optionally sign-up with doxo to take advantage of the free doxoDIRECT features offered, but this is not required for users to initiate their bill payments via doxo.

  • doxo strives to ensure that provider directory information is as current and accurate as possible. Company profiles are primarily edited and updated by doxo users. But if you see inaccurate info on your company’s profile page in doxo, then please contact

    When you enroll in doxoDIRECT, your business gains access to the doxo Control Panel, where you can directly edit, and expand the your profile in the doxo directory. You will also be able to track customer payments, deliver electronic documents, access market analytics, open support tickets, and view your doxo customer payment history.

  • Any doxo user can add a biller to the doxo Directory. Once added that user and others can make payments, organize their account info, schedule reminders, and track their history of activity with that Provider. Millions of users across the country use doxo to make payments to tens of thousands of billers. doxo is the largest payment director of billers in the nation, making it the best all-in-one bill pay solution for the consumer.

    Since user data is attached to Providers in the Directory, legitimate Providers cannot be removed from the doxo Directory. If you find errors on your business profile page, you can submit those by clicking “Suggest an update” on your doxo business profile, or you can email directly to

  • Payment fees, if any, depend on the payment method selected by the doxo user and whether the Provider being paid is a participating doxoDIRECT provider, and other factors.

    Payments made by users using a linked bank account are FREE.

    All participating billers have the option to make some or all payments via doxo free for their customers, contact to learn how to speed payments and reduce costs for your business and your customers.

Payment solutions you can count on

Take a tour of doxo’s online mobile pay experience with a customized demo.