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doxo Fraud Protection keeps your payments safe from scams

doxo is the first crowd-sourced, customer-centered bill pay solution, providing a streamlined and easy way for consumers to pay any bill, with any type of funds, on any device, in a single, secure place.

doxo’s users have added over 120,000 payable billers – thousands of which are electronically connected to doxo to speed up payment delivery times and provide better care to their customers. doxo has over 10 million registered users, paying tens of thousands of bills each month.

With doxo, users can be sure that payments are:

    • Secured by best-in-class fraud detection software.
    • Protected by a dedicated team of professionals to monitor all payments.
    • Safe from fraudsters with a proprietary mix of technologies and practices.

What is Fraud

Fraud is the criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. At doxo, users can protect themselves from having their private information shared with multiple billers. All individuals making payments to billers online are potential targets for fraudsters. It is our primary focus to provide a safe and secure place for users to pay all their billers while protecting their personal information.

Common Types of Fraud and Scams

Some of the most frequent types of fraud or scams involve online card payments when the cardholder has not authorized the charge. Most fraudulent charges are made using stolen credit cards or card numbers. Other types of fraud and scams included:

    • Stolen credit cards or card numbers
    • Hijacking user accounts containing credit cards
    • Attacks on businesses to obtain personal user information
    • Scam emails asking for account information

How doxo protects users

Many doxo users turn to doxo because they want to prevent having a large number of accounts with different usernames, passwords, and personal information in order to simply pay their bills. doxo provides a much needed convenience to simplify monthly bill paying, but it also provides security for those accounts.

By using multiple payment sites every month, users are increasing the risk of having personal information compromised though fraud and scams. Your personal information is only as secure as the weakest link. The average US household pays more than 10 bills per month, and unfortunately, many small billers do not have the resources or knowledge necessary to ensure your information is safe.

Using doxo provides users the ability to have a single user account to pay all of their bills with a single username and password – thus eliminating much of the multi-account risk from fraud and scams.

Here are some important things to consider when evaluating if your biller’s website is safe from fraud and scams;

    • Make sure you have a secure internet connection with your biller. The web address or URL for a secure site, which uses encryption to protect transmitted data, will always begin with “https:” instead of just “http:”
    • Make sure your biller’s website works well for mobile devices, so that when you’re on the go, you can still pay.
    • Your biller should never ask for information or access credentials in an email. This is a common scam attempt to gain your credentials.
    • Your biller should never store your payment card information. They industry best practice is to use what’s called tokenization technology to provide an extra layer of security. You can ask your biller if they are doing this to prevent fraud in the event their systems are compromised.
    • All of your personal information like your password and sensitive account numbers should be encrypted and unavailable to everyone at the company. If you’re talking to someone at customer service, and they are able to tell you what your password or other form of sensitive information is, then it’s possible your biller is not secure enough.

Steps doxo Takes Against Fraud and Scams

Because doxo is a payments company, all of our resources are focused on the latest methods to prevent fraud and scams.  We let our billing partners focus on the great services they provide to their users, while we focus on keeping payments secure.

    • doxo sends all suspicious payment data to the largest credit card processing company in the world for validation.
    • doxo has the best-in-class fraud detection software to detect fraudulent payments from stolen credit cards.
    • We have a proprietary mix of technology and partners including a global payments network that looks at many factors to identify a payment as fraudulent.
    • We are connected to government regulatory agencies to inform us of any new consumer protection guidelines and activities that are likely fraudulent.
    • doxo has a team that manually inspects ALL flagged payments for suspicious activity.
    • We have the highest grade security for payment processing and are PCI compliant on all areas.
    • doxo’s fraud detection systems have resulted in fraud rates that are 38% lower than industry average for payment processors.
    • doxo never sends a user an email asking for nor containing important, sensitive personal information.

Shield today to protect tomorrow.

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