Late Fee
Protection Claim

A few additional pieces of information are required to process your claim. Please review the additional notes below prior to submitting your claim.

  • Late fee reimbursements are limited to $100 per claim, no more than twice the overdraft fee charged, and no more than three overdraft fee reimbursements in any 30 days. See terms of service for more info.
  • You must be an active doxoPLUS member to be eligible. Check your membership status page to ensure you were a member when you were assessed a late fee from your institution.
  • Please be prepared to provide a statement, bill, or other biller document reflecting the amount of the late fee charged.
  • Please be prepared to show that your payment was sent with adequate time to be received by its due date via the doxo email payment receipt or other evidence that the doxo payment was submitted with a doxo delivery date before the due date of the bill in question.
  • A doxo specialist will contact you to validate your information and collect the above mentioned documentation.

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