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What is my $1M Identity Theft Protection benefit with doxoPLUS?

$1 Million Identity Theft Protection is one of 5 Essential Bill Pay Protections provided by doxoPLUS subscription.

Over 450,000 cases of identity theft occur in the U.S. every year. doxoPLUS Identity Theft Protection provides you valuable protection should you suffer an unfortunate identity theft or fraud event.

With doxoPLUS Identity Protection, you’re protected with $1 million in loss coverage against for unauthorized fund transfers. And should an unfortunate identity theft occur, identity restoration services help get your identity, and life, back on track.

Summary of $1 Million Identity Theft Protection benefits:

  • $1,000,000 Aggregate Limit of Insurance per policy period
  • $2,000 Lost Wages per week, for 5 weeks maximum
  • $1,000 Initial Legal Consultation per policy period
  • $1,000 Travel Expenses per policy period
  • $0 Deductible per policy period

Review additional information about doxoPLUS $1 Million Identity Theft Protection Coverage and doxoPLUS Terms of Use.

Please remember to complete your enrollment in doxo’s Identity Theft Protection after you sign up for doxoPLUS.

In the event of identity theft, submit a claim with the necessary information or reach out to doxo support.

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