Identity Theft Protection Claim

In order to receive identity theft insurance or restoration services, the identity theft event must have happened while you had active Identity Theft Protection through doxoPLUS.

Please review the details below and submit the additional information in order to start a claim.

  • You must be an active doxoPLUS member to be eligible.
    Check your membership status page to ensure you were a member at the time of your ID Theft event.
  • You must have completed your enrollment in doxo’s Identity Protection feature prior to your ID Theft event to be eligible.
    If your enrollment has been completed this feature will be shown as “active” and will include your date of activation.
  • Understanding your benefits
    You can read the full details of the benefits associated with Identity Protection here.
  • A doxo specialist will contact you to validate your information and submit this to TransUnion.
  • A TransUnion representative will contact you to begin the claim and restoration process after they receive your information from doxo.

Submit a Claim