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What does doxoPLUS cost and what are its benefits?

doxoPLUS provides 5 Key Protections for your bill payments:

  1. $1 Million Identity Theft Protection: Identity restoration services that protects you and your wallet.
  2. Credit Protection: Credit score monitoring while you pay your bills.
  3. Overdraft Protection: Link your bank account to see real-time balance before every payment. If a payment using Linked Bank Account causes an overdraft, we will reimburse you the Overdraft fees.
  4. Late Fee Protection: If doxo misses a delivery commitment that results in a late fee, we will reimburse you.
  5. Private Pay™ Protection: Protect your card and bank accounts. With doxo, your payment account information is never shared with billers.

Also, doxoPLUS users get fee FREE payments when they pay their bills with their bank account.

doxoPLUS costs $5.99 per month for a monthly subscription – a tremendous value. Considering the $1 Million in Identity Theft Protection benefit alone, this is among the least expensive options you’ll find and less than half the cost of some alternatives.

Organizing all your bills in one place and taking full advantage of your doxoPLUS subscription can help you address the problems that cost the average U.S. household more than $1,000 per year, including late fees, overdraft fees, credit costs, and identity theft (read full report on U.S. Hidden Costs of Bill Pay), saving you time and money

How am I billed?

doxoPLUS billed monthly on the same date you signed up for the service.

How can I cancel my doxoPLUS subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your doxo account.

By canceling, your subscription will not renew on the next renewal date.

Can I use all payment methods with doxoPLUS?

doxoPLUS users get fee free payments when they pay their bills with their bank account.

Regular payment fees will apply when you pay your bills other payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, and Apple Pay.

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