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How do I link my Bank Account and activate free bill payments with doxo?

Linking your bank account with Plaid has many benefits.

  • No Payment Fees: Online payments are FREE when you pay with a Linked Bank Account.
  • Instant Account Verification: No need to manually enter routing or account numbers, linking your bank is fast and easy. doxo is partnered with Plaid, which powers over 8000 apps and connects to thousands of financial institutions, to quickly connect your account.
  • Overdraft Avoidance: When you pay with your Linked Bank Account you are shown your current account balance BEFORE you make your payment, helping avoid overdrafts (and the associated late fees and overdraft fees).
  • Private Pay™ Protection: Your sensitive account information stays private and is never shared with billers.

doxo has partnered with Plaid to enable the Linked Bank Account capability.

To link your bank account for balance verification and FREE payments, follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to your doxo account.
  2. Click on Link Account in the Wallet or Link Your Bank on home page. Or click on Link Account in menu options on left side of your home page.
  3. Click on Continue to link your bank account via Plaid.
  4. Add your bank account information as instructed to link your bank account.

If you have any problems while linking a bank account to your doxo wallet, please reach out to doxo support.

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