Why Mobile is Mandatory But Mobile App Development is Not

By | August 19, 2014

Customers reward companies who offer a mobile-optimized experience.  doxo can help your business go mobile quickly and cost-effectively. 

Consumer surveys continue to prove that offering a mobile channel for customer interaction is a key driver when it comes to loyalty and satisfaction.  The findings are not industry specific.  Two new FICO surveys of consumers in the healthcare and banking industries, and a JD Power study of utility customers, all conclude that customers are looking for and reward companies that offer a mobile-optimized experience.

However, mobile app development is not feasible or cost-effective for most companies and it’s unlikely companies will see a return on investment for the development costs of a native mobile app.  Therefore, while there is acknowledgement that customers want a mobile solution, some companies can become paralyzed with how to develop and deploy a mobile strategy.  The good news is optimizing your customer’s mobile experience is not difficult or costly.

Joining the doxo network gives you several product choices to optimize your customer’s mobile experience:

  • Mobile-optimize website for bill View and Pay

doxo provides a code snippet that you can put on your company website, which adds a banner to the top of the page when viewed on a mobile browser (image 1).  When users click on that banner, they go to the doxo View and Pay page (image 2).

mobile-optimized webpage screenshot

image 1

  • Branded mobile-friendly web experience for EBPP

doxo offers you an electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) solution so customers can Connect and make payments to you directly from their mobile device.  You save the print and postage costs of paper bills and get paid faster via electronic payments.

branded mobile-friendly screenshot

image 2

  • Native apps for iPhone and Android

With doxo Mobile for iOS and Android, customers can Connect and Pay via the native app.  doxo Mobile is free to users and also gives them a digital file cabinet with an entire suite of tools to organize all the accounts in their life.  Users can upload, share, and save documents, add account notes, securely store login credentials, import emails, and automatically back up documents to their personal cloud accounts with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box.

Mobile Means More Interaction
Offering mobile bill pay with doxo is the most customer-focused way to interact.  Additionally, Connecting to customers on doxo provides an opt-in channel for improved communication and engagement.  Beyond bills, your company can utilize the doxo digital file cabinet to securely send any number of documents, which your customer can access, share, and archive via their mobile device.  For example, a power company could cross-promote their energy savings program, healthcare providers could send appointment follow-up instructions, and banks and credit unions could send loan documents and benefit statements.

Democratizing Mobile for Companies Large and Small
While customers want a mobile solution, not all companies’ core competency is application development and some don’t want or can’t afford to put resources toward that initiative.  For those exact reasons, companies large and small, across all industries have chosen to join the doxo network in order to offer their customers a way to engage with them from their iPhone or Android device.

By leveraging doxo’s mobile platform and our ongoing investment in the solution, your company can offer a mobile experience enriched by the best practices used by our most successful providers.  doxo strives to optimize the user experience for your customers, granting you the benefit of free upgrades and feature improvements automatically – offloading the costs required to maintain your own in-house app.

More than a million users have made doxo the “go-to” consumer mobile app for engaging with businesses of all sizes and industries.  Let us show you how easy and cost-effective providing a mobile solution can be.  For more information go to or email


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