Meet Ben: doxo’s User Support Super Guy

By | October 3, 2014

See why doxo’s head of user support has the right stuff to scale customer service in a growing startup.

He once walked six miles to surprise his wife for lunch.  He can tie a bowtie on himself without looking.  He is a master gardener and has a deep-rooted dislike of buying anything he can make (or grow) himself.  Sounds like a super guy to know, right?  We thought so too and we hired him!  Meet Ben, our head of user support and data researcher.

Ben joined doxo in the spring of 2014.  In addition to finding out he’d be a fun guy to have a drink with, his background revealed core values and a sense of purpose that have proven to be exactly what we needed as our business continues to grow.

In general, Ben is responsible for user support, process improvement, and incident aversion.  To maintain high user satisfaction as we scale, Ben has moved doxo user support from an ad hoc approach to a systemized process for improving the overall customer experience.  He works to increase the efficiency for how inquiries are addressed, resolved, and analyzed.

By analyzing the data available in the support tickets, Ben identified the top 15 reasons why users requested support and developed online self-help content so users could quickly resolve issues on their own.  He also works with our development team to improve the usability of the product.  “Most people won’t engage with user support past one attempt so you have to get it right the first time,” said Ben.  “Making the product super easy and intuitive and creating online content so users can discover their own solution is how you make truly happy users.”

You know why we wanted Ben, but why would Ben want doxo?  “I was attracted to the startup culture and interested in being more than a cog in the wheel,” he said.  “I turned down a job making a little more money because it sounded like ‘unflavored oatmeal’ to me.  They only wanted someone to close support tickets.  Closing tickets is easy.  The goal is to get a satisfactory response from the user.  I wanted to improve the process.  doxo lets me take ownership and holds me accountable.  It’s really satisfying.”

His ideas and ambition to make an impact on the company and our customers are not lost on our CEO, Steve Shivers.  “Ben constantly blows his quarterly BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) out of the water,” said Steve.  “We keep trying to find his limit by moving the bar impossibly further out but he consistently teaches us to think bigger.”

A big gamer (Team Fortress 2 is a favorite), Ben also likes to hike with his wife, and grow things in his garden.  Now you know a little about Ben.  What do you want Ben to know about your user experience or how we can improve our product?  Send your comments to

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