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The methodology behind doxoINSIGHTS Household Bill Pay Metrics

doxoINSIGHTS is designed to provide the best possible look into the average American household’s monthly bills, and relies on anonymized data from its 10 Million customers paying more than 120,000 billers. doxo’s vast amount of data gives a uniquely accurate perspective into what households are actually paying for their bills, and provides a sound basis for constructing an accurate gauge of relative differences in the cost of the most common monthly bills across America.

doxo tracks payments to 45 different biller categories, and doxoINSIGHTS highlights the 10 most common: Utilities (water, electric, gas and waste), Cable & Phone, Mobile Phone, Auto Loans, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Alarm & Security, Rent, and Mortgage. All data is anonymized and aggregated prior to analysis in order to protect doxo users’ privacy.

(Note: doxoINSIGHTS data for Rent and Mortgage comes via the Census Bureau’s data. All 8 other categories come from doxo’s anonymized data of over 10M users.)

doxoINSIGHTS offers a unique view into America’s cost of bills that hasn’t been available before:

  • The extremely large sample of over 10M payers gives a more accurate view than error-prone surveys, which have size, bias and accuracy issues.
  • With 6x more payable billers than any other network and 45 different bill categories, doxo tracks a much larger set of biller payments.
  • doxo data also includes the percentage of households that pay certain bill types, which is important for some bill types such as Alarm & Security, where not all households choose that service.
  • doxo sees what users actually pay, so it’s a more accurate view into the average cost to households.

doxo’s economic and demographic data on its 10 million paying users matches closely with US household distributions resulting in a large and highly accurate sample.

  • Statistically significant, with over 10 million paying consumers
  • Geographically diverse, capturing payment activity in 37,000+ zip codes
  • Economically representative, with participation from all income brackets
  • Covering 45 different biller service categories, with more than 120,000 unique billers
  • Capturing all payment funding sources, including bank accounts, credit cards, and debit cards.

doxoINSIGHTS data represents the bottom line of what people actually pay, not published rates or industry averages. The data is presented in national and regional forms and also includes comparison to the US Census Bureau household income data. For each metro, 3 views are provided:

  • The average monthly cost of the 10 most common bills
  • The percentage of households in that region who pay each of the 10 most common bills
  • The combined monthly average, which is a product of the monthly average and the percentage of households that pay that bill

A similar methodology is used to present a national average of the same 3 views.