News » Americans’ bills are still rising steadily

Americans’ everyday bills are still rising steadily—here’s how much they’re eating into your budget every month


This article originally appeared on Fortune.


Inflation rates may be down from the dizzying heights seen last summer, but that doesn’t mean prices are falling. They’re just no longer climbing as quickly. 

And while many Americans may be able to trim their budgets a bit when it comes to the types of groceries they buy or put off expensive car purchases to keep their budgets in check, it’s much more difficult to adjust monthly expenses like housing, utilities, and insurance.  

Unfortunately, those costs are going up, too. Across the 10 most common monthly household bills—including housing, utilities, auto loans, cable, internet, cell service, security, and insurance expenses—costs rose an average of nearly 4% last year, according to doxo’s 2023 U.S. Bill Pay Market Size and Category Breakout Report. 

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