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doxo Expands doxoINSIGHTS to 900 Cities

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doxoINSIGHTS reveals what the average American household spends on recurring monthly expenses in more than 900 U.S cities. The data is made available through Tableau Public, an open source service that allows anyone to download and publish doxo’s data in an interactive data visualization graphic to the web.

This unique and proprietary doxo data covers over 900 U.S. cities and reveals that the average monthly bundle of bills in the U.S. is $1,024. Most expensive is the Atlantic City, NJ area ($1,445) and the least expensive is Grand Island, NE ($756).

This new, publicly-accessible data set expands on doxo’s inaugural report earlier this year, ‘America’s Household Bills, Unbundled’, that revealed what the average American household pays per month on the nine most common bills, which include auto loans, auto insurance, utilities, health insurance, life insurance, cable & satellite, mobile phone, alarm & security, and dental insurance. To better compare household bills on a consistent basis, the index excludes housing expenses like rent and mortgage. The initial report highlighted the cost of bills in the top 25 largest metro areas and ranked them in order of most expensive (Miami, FL) to least expensive (Charlotte, NC).

Learn more about doxo’s data and the methodology.

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