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What is Overdraft Fee Protection with doxoPLUS?

Overdraft Protection is one of the 5 Essential Bill Pay Protections provided by doxoPLUS subscription.

Bill payments are the number one cause of bank overdrafts every year, totaling to over $15 billion of consumer bank overdraft penalties for US households.

doxo enables you to link your bank account to your doxo account so you see real-time bank balance before every payment and thus eliminates any balance related guesswork when paying your bills.

Active doxoPLUS subscribers are eligible for Overdraft Fee reimbursement as part of their benefits.

If you are an active doxoPLUS subscriber and a doxo payment using your Linked Bank Account causes you to overdraft your bank account resulting in a fee, doxo will reimburse your overdraft fee for no more than twice the overdraft fee charged and no more than three overdraft fee reimbursements in any 30 day period. Overdraft fee reimbursement maximum claim is limited to $100 per incident.

After signing up for doxoPLUS subscription, activate Overdraft Protection by linking your bank account in your doxo account to enjoy its benefits.

In case of an Overdraft Fee Protection claim, please submit a claim with the necessary information or reach out to doxo support.

Additional information is available about doxoPLUS Overdraft Protection in doxoPLUS Terms of Use.

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