Protection Claim

A few additional pieces of information are required to process your claim. Please review the additional notes below prior to submitting your claim.

  • Overdraft fee reimbursement maximum claim is limited to $100 per incident, no more than twice the overdraft fee charged, and no more than three overdraft fee reimbursements in any 30 days. See terms of use for more info.
  • You must be an active doxoPLUS member to be eligible. Check your membership status page to ensure you were a member when you were assessed an overdraft fee from your institution.
  • Please be prepared to provide a bank statement or other bank artifact documenting the amount and date of the overdraft fee charged and confirming that the doxo payment was the sole cause of the overdraft.
  • A doxo specialist will contact you to validate your information and collect the above mentioned documentation.

Submit a Claim