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Phone Bill Price Jumps In PA: How Much Residents Pay


This article originally appeared on Patch PA

By Michelle Rotuno-Johnson

PENNSYLVANIA — As the cost of goods and services continues to affect Pennsylvania residents’ wallets, the average cell phone bill is up 5 percent since last year, a new report said. So, how much does paying for phone lines and data cost the average Keystone State resident?

The new report by household bill aggregation and payment service doxoINSIGHTS revealed that Americans spend $175 billion annually on mobile phone services.

The 94 percent of American households who have a mobile phone bill spend an average of $119 per month, the study found. This is an increase from $113 last year, and averages out to $1,342 per year across all U.S. households.

In Pennsylvania, 91 percent of households have a cell phone bill, according to the Doxo report. The average monthly phone bill is $113.

Mobile phone bills account for about 5.4 percent of what the average American spends on household bills each month, according to the Doxo analysis.

Doxo reported that each year, Keystone State residents spend $23,061 on bills, with an average household income of $66,974 — thus spending about 34 percent of income on paying the bills.