Press Release » doxo Introduces doxoPLUS: All-in-One Bill Pay Subscription with 5 Essential Protections to Improve Consumer Financial Health

doxo Introduces doxoPLUS: All-in-One Bill Pay Subscription with 5 Essential Protections to Improve Consumer Financial Health

Corporate Press Release

doxo users upgrade to doxoPLUS to help eliminate fees and losses that cost the average U.S. household over $500 each year

doxo, the all-in-one web and mobile bill pay service, today announces the launch of doxoPLUS, a new subscription service with five essential financial protections for consumers that help reduce bill pay anxiety and improve household financial health.

A doxoPLUS subscription enables free all-in-one bill payment from a user’s bank account, along with the five critical financial protections for $5.99 per month.

The doxoPLUS Protections help directly eliminate fees and losses that cost the average U.S. household $500 each year.

The Five Essential doxoPLUS Bill Pay Protections include: 

  1. $1 Million Identity Theft Protection: $1 million of loss-protection for identity theft incidents, plus identity restoration services.
  2. Credit Score Protection: Staying on top of bills is the best way to improve credit, so credit score monitoring is built directly into the bill pay experience.
  3. Overdraft Protection: To eliminate overdraft anxiety, users get real-time balance information from their linked bank account before every payment. If a doxo payment ever causes an overdraft, doxo will reimburse the overdraft fee.
  4. Late Fee Protection: doxo provides real-time payment tracking for every bill payment. If a doxo ever misses a payment delivery commitment, any late fee that results will be reimbursed.
  5. Private Pay™ Protection: With doxo, card and payment account info stays encrypted and secure, and is never shared with billers during payments.
doxoPLUS provides five key bill-pay protections

“We’re on a mission to simplify and reduce the anxiety of managing bills and empower our users to improve financial health. doxoPLUS is a huge step forward on this journey. doxo user feedback enabled us to develop what we believe is the greatest value in bill pay and financial protection – providing five essential benefits that can save a typical household over $500 per year in hidden expenses,” said doxo co-founder and CEO Steve Shivers. “Consumer bill payers have spoken: they need bill pay flexibility that protects their online identity, keeps payment account information secure, builds credit, and eliminates anxiety about overdrafts and late fees. doxoPLUS uniquely delivers this package of essential bill pay protections.”

The doxoPLUS beta program, introduced to select users over the past year, was instrumental in completing the doxoPLUS service launched today. Thousands of beta users provided critical feedback on the hassles and anxieties they experience during the conventional bill pay experience, and the solutions they felt were of highest priority. In particular, concerns about protecting personal information, financial account info, hidden fees, and risks of online identity theft and fraud have greatly increased relative to just two years ago. Additionally, users expressed strong interest in features that help measure and improve household financial health. To further address these needs, doxo added key features and expanded company partnerships with Transunion and Plaid.

doxoPLUS brings together key features that greatly simplify bill payment while eliminating the most common risks and anxieties in staying on top of household finances. This package of essential bill pay protections for consumers is not available in any other comparable service. To learn more, visit

 About doxo

doxo provides simple, secure all-in-one bill payment to any biller, with any payment method, on any device. A doxoPLUS subscription adds free bank payments and five essential financial protections that boost household financial health. Through these services, doxo currently serves over four million paying users who can make payments to over 65,000 local and national businesses, making doxo the largest bill pay directory in the nation. Billers on the network get paid directly, fast and free – and consumers have complete bill pay independence over when and how they pay their bills. doxo expanded its user base by more than 70 percent in the past year and is expanding its team to further accelerate growth and change the bill pay landscape to focus on the customer. doxo investors include MDV, Sigma Partners, and Bezos Expeditions. doxo is based in Seattle, WA.

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