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why is my company listed on doxo

  • Your company is showing up on doxo because at least one customer has added you to our provider network, and is using doxo in order to connect with your company and make their payments.
  • Once a company has been added by a doxo user, we verify the information against a variety of sources, add additional details, and publish it to make it available to other doxo users.

Frequently Asked Questions

how it works

  • doxo is a paperless billing and bill pay service that enables your customers to make payments to multiple billers from one site.
  • Users can further help enhance the doxo experience as customers by creating a Bills & Accounts List to use in keeping track of their providers, suggesting updates to a company profile, and by suggesting new companies we should add to doxo.
  • With a doxo partnership you can connect with your customers to provide direct access to your website, customer service tools, contact info, bill statements, newsletters, and so much more.

why become a Connect Provider with doxo

  • Over 2 million doxo users making over $175 million in payments to providers like YOU!
  • Real-time business intelligence with doxo Analytics.
  • Easy to use and safe with bank-grade security.
  • Customized Connect Provider profile pages.

how it benefits your company

  • doxoPAY allows customers to make payments quickly and easily, eliminating credit card fees.
  • Connect Providers get paid on average 14 days faster than typical paper or ebill payments.
  • Make it mobile! doxo works on iOS and Android, and our best-in-class mobile interaction is automatically included in your customer’s experience.

see what companies are on doxo

Through doxo, businesses like AT&T, Puget Sound Energy, Kansas City Power and Light, Mountaineer Gas, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and Heritage Grove Federal Credit Union – as well as many others in finance, utilities, healthcare, telecom, banking, insurance and other sectors – easily connect to customers, receive payments faster, view vital real-time market data & activity, and more.

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