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doxo delivers simple, secure, fast bill payment to your customers on any device.

With doxoDIRECT, you and your customers both benefit from doxo’s user-centered, mobile-friendly bill pay. doxoDIRECT setup is fast and easy…and free.

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Boost your customer engagement

doxoDIRECT brings these benefits to your company:

Fast, free direct deposit payments.

Expanded mobile payments with Apple Pay, iOS, Android apps.

Real-time account validation, zero-exception reconciliation.

Overdraft protection, auto-pay, e-billing, IVR, Paperless, and more.

Online dashboard with real-time payment details.

What is doxo?

While most billers have bill pay on their website, the vast majority of customers don’t visit the websites of each and every one of their billers each month. As a result most bill payments still come through other channels… mail, bank payments, cash payments, and more.

Providers join doxoDIRECT to address this gap and extend customer engagement and payment convenience beyond what can be achieved through their websites alone.

doxo provides the all-in-one bill pay experience your customers crave, and provides your business the benefits of greater transparency, stronger mobile engagement, and faster payments. All of which leads to lower customer care rates and higher customer satisfaction.

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how does doxo work for customers?

doxo makes it simple and secure for users to pay ALL their bills in one place.
Simpler bill pay for your customers means faster payments and less customer support for your business.

Select Providers

Users select the companies (billers) they wish to pay from over 120,000 providers payable through the doxo network. What if a biller is missing from the doxo Directory? Users can submit any of their billers to be validated and added. doxo is adding new billers to the Directory every month.

Verify Provider Account

The user provides their account number, address, etc. (data specified by each provider) to verify the their biller account. This is the information that doxo provides to the biller with every payment to ensure payments post quickly and correctly.

Select Payment Method

Each user can select what payment account they prefer to use, they can also select different payment types for different bills and change these each month. doxo provides the option to pay with debit card, credit card, ACH (bank account), Apple Pay, Pay-by-phone, and more

Real-Time Payment Tracking

Users can track each step of the payment delivery process, and confirm their payment is delivered on time. Payment history for all their bills is kept together in the user’s doxo app.

Reminders & Notifications

doxo sends alerts via email for all payments, with full payment details available on-demand through the doxo apps (desktop and mobile access). Users control how they are notified for payment tracking & completion, payment reminders, and auto-scheduled payments.

Doxo provides fast, free electronic payments to thousands of billers, of all types and sizes, in all 50 states 

“We are encouraging all of our customers to sign up for doxo and automatic payments. Doxo ensures that customers pay their bill on time.”

Office Manager

“We have had a great experience with doxo. Since signing up for doxoDIRECT and making it easier for our customers to pay online by adding the doxo bill pay button, it has made the process even more efficient. I have also been telling every one of our new customers about doxo and how easy it is to sign up for auto-payments as well to make everyones lives easier. Thank you doxo!”

City Treasurer

“The reconciliation reports are simple to follow and easy to match for our treasury department.”

City Utility Administrator

See why millions of consumers choose doxo to organize and stay on top of their household bills!


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