The most comprehensive analysis of the U.S. bill pay market

By leveraging doxo’s unique, aggregate, anonymized bill pay data, doxoINSIGHTS provides a comprehensive look into the household bill pay industry. America’s Household Bills allows users to explore this data, by category type, at the national, regional and state level.

doxoINSIGHTS by the numbers:

Statistically Significant 10M+ customers served

Geographically Diverse 97% of U.S. zip codes captured

Broad 120K unique bill providers

Deep 45 biller service categories

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U.S. Bill Pay Market Size

U.S. households spend $3.87 Trillion annually on essential household bills and $3.22 Trillion on the ten most common ones.

Total Bill Pay Market Size $3.87T spent per year on essential household bills.

Essential Bills Market Size $3.22T spent per year on the 10 most common household bills.

Average Monthly Cost $2,046 spent per month on the 10 most common household bills.

Average Yearly Cost $24,557 spent per year on the 10 most common household bills.

Percent of Annual Income 35% of consumers’ income per year is spent on the 10 most common household bills.

Household Bill Pay Market

10 Primary Bill Categories
($ In Billions)

Average annual bill cost per U.S. household is adjusted to account for % of households carrying bill.

Household BillAverage Bill AmountAverage Annual
Household Expense
Percentage of
Rent$1,191$4,716 33%
Auto Loan$467$4,14774%
Auto Insurance$207$2,037 82%
Health Insurance $120 $1,080 75%
Cable & Internet $118 $1,161 82%
Mobile Phone $119 $1,342 94%
Alarm & Security $84 $141 14%
Life Insurance $89 $278 26%

doxoINSIGHTS is the most inclusive view into the cost of America’s household bills

Each year U.S. households spend over $3.87 trillion – about one third of all consumer spending – on recurring bill payments. Further, through statistical analysis of actual household payments, doxo found that Americans spend $3.22 trillion annually across ten primary bill payment categories.

We analyze payments to 45 different biller categories, and highlight the 10 most common:

  • Utilities (water, electric, gas and waste)
  • Cable & Internet
  • Mobile Phone
  • Auto Loans
  • Auto Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Alarm & Security
  • Housing (Rent and Mortgage)

How you benefit from doxoINSIGHTS analysis of the U.S. bill pay market

doxoINSIGHTS offers a unique, aggregate, anonymized view into America’s cost of bills that hasn’t been available before:

  • The extremely large sample of over 10M payers gives a more accurate view than error-prone surveys, which have size, bias, and accuracy issues.
  • With 6x more payable billers than any other network and 45 different bill categories, doxo tracks a much larger set of biller payments.

doxo data also includes the percentage of households that pay certain bill types, which is important for some bill types such as Alarm & Security, where not all households choose that service.

doxo sees what users actually pay, so it’s a more accurate view into the average cost to households. All data is anonymized and aggregated prior to analysis in order to protect doxo users’ privacy.

Most Expensive States in 2023 for Household Bills

Total Market Size: $3.87 trillion across all categories; of which $3.22 trillion spent per year on the 10 most essential household bills (broken out specifically in the doxo report)

Average Yearly Cost: $29,459 spent per month on all household bills; $24,557 spent per month on the ten most essential household bills

Percent of Annual Income: All household bills amount to 42% of consumers’ income per year; the ten most essential household bills amount to 35% of consumers’ income per year

Average Household Bills Per State % Above National Average

Hawaii (50%)

California (38.7%)

New Jersey (33.2%)

Massachusetts (29.8%)

Maryland (25.5%)

All 50 States: Household Bill Pay Size & Statistics
AlabamaHawaiiMassachusettsNew MexicoSouth Dakota
AlaskaIdahoMichiganNew YorkTennessee
ArizonaIllinoisMinnesotaNorth CarolinaTexas
ArkansasIndianaMississippiNorth DakotaUtah
DelawareLouisianaNevadaPennsylvaniaWest Virginia
FloridaMaineNew HampshireRhode IslandWisconsin
GeorgiaMarylandNew JerseySouth CarolinaWyoming
Largest U.S. Cities: Household Bill Pay Size & Statistics
AlbuquerqueColorado SpringsIndianapolisNew YorkSaint Louis
AtlantaColumbusJacksonvilleOklahoma CitySaint Paul
AustinDallasKansas City (MO)OmahaSan Antonio
BaltimoreDaytonLas VegasOrlandoSan Diego
BirminghamDenverLos AngelesPhiladelphiaSan Francisco
BostonDetroitLouisvillePhoenixSan Jose
CharlotteEl PasoMemphisPittsburghSeattle
ChicagoFort LauderdaleMiamiPortlandTampa
CincinnatiFort WorthMilwaukeeRochesterTucson
ClevelandHoustonMinneapolisSacramentoWashington DC

Discover the hidden cost of household expenses.

doxo’s exclusive dataset provides unparalleled precision compared to standard survey-based estimates of market size and consumer spend.