doxo Launches doxoINSIGHTS

doxoINSIGHTS has unveiled a first-of-its-kind anonymized, crowdsourced report on recurring household expenses that compares the largest 25 U.S. Metros. Miami is the most expensive, Charlotte is the most affordable.

doxo, the all-in-one web and mobile bill pay service, has released “America’s Household Bills, Unbundled”, the first-ever report analyzing what Americans are paying for their monthly bills in the 25 largest US metros. The doxoINSIGHTS report provides a unique and enlightening look showing that the average American household pays $984 per month, or 17% of their household income, on the nine most common bills, excluding housing expenses like rent or mortgage. doxoINSIGHTS analyzes aggregate payment statistics to more than 45,000 billers across 45 different service categories from over 2.5 million users to uncover the actual, unfiltered average cost each consumers pays a service provider for key household bills and share it in a collective snapshot. doxo’s data is based on anonymized, aggregated statistics from actual payments made by millions of households for key services, and thereby avoids the self-reported estimates and inaccuracies inherent to standard consumer polling methods of typical industry reports.

While the national average on monthly household expenses is $984.04 per household, the report found that the Miami metro, with an average median household income of $52,667, surprisingly has the highest cost for monthly bill expenses – $1,157 – compared to metros such as San Francisco or Washington D.C. where the average household income exceeds $88,000. Charlotte locals have the lowest average monthly bill expenses at $869.

Learn more about doxo’s data and the methodology.

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