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Battle of the sexes: Who is more likely to pay household bills?

Women are 12% more likely to pay the bills than men in every state across the country. In most states, women make up more than 55% of individuals paying household bills. The only states where men pay more bills than women are Arizona, Wyoming, and Iowa. That’s according to new data gleaned from doxoINSIGHTS, based on anonymized, aggregated payment statistics to more than 50,000 billers and from 2.5 million users. doxo data breaks down the battle of the sexes along the lines of household bill pay.

% of Women Who Pay the Bills in Each State

Today, we are able to dive even deeper into the data to show which states have a higher percentage of women paying household bills than men. Some of the most interesting findings include:

Girls Rule When it Comes to Bill Pay

The top five states with the highest average percentage of women paying bills are Vermont (78%), South Dakota (73%), Indiana (68%), Alaska (67%), and New Mexico (67%).

Gentlemen Prefer Payments… in These Three States

The only three states where men are more likely to pay the bills than women are Arizona (55% men), Wyoming (55%), Iowa (51%).

Mother’s Day vs. Father’s Day

On Mother’s Day weekend, 8% fewer bills were paid as compared to the average weekend. On Father’s Day weekend, there was only a 2% reduction.

Salary vs. Bill Pay by Gender

Comparing the doxo data to women’s salary equality across the states, we find that as women’s salary increases as a percentage of men’s salary, women are even more likely to be the ones in the household who are paying the bills. For every 10% increase in women’s salary as a percent of men’s, there is a 6% increase in the share of women who pay the bills.

For example, in Utah, 51% of bill payers are female while the average Utah woman earns 73% of what men earn. Compare this to Delaware where the average female earns 87% of what men earn and where women pay 59% of the bills.

Average Cost of HouseHold Bills by State

Earlier this year, we released the industry’s first-ever report analyzing what Americans are paying for their monthly bills in the 25 largest U.S. metros. We found that the average American household in the top 25 metros pays $984 per month, or 17% of their household income, for the nine most common bills (Alarm & Security, Auto Insurance, Auto Loans, Cable, Internet & Phone, Mobile Phone, Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, and Utilities (i.e., water, gas, electricity, waste, etc.), excluding housing expenses like rent or mortgage.

For a ranking of the most expensive (Miami, FL) to least expensive (Charlotte, NC) states, as well as specific cost breakdown by bill type, you can view the full report at /insights/2018-metro-bill-comparison/.

This is the first time we’ve been able to look at bill payments by gender; while the data isn’t necessarily reflective of relationship habits within a family or marriage, it does offer consumers a transparent outlook on monthly bill payments by state, bill type, and gender. We are looking forward to diving deeper into the data in the coming months and tracking trends over time to see what other insights we can share.

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