About the doxo Network

What is the doxo network?

doxoPAY is an all-in-one, mobile-friendly, bill pay service network that enables doxo users to pay all of their billers from one login on any device. Users have the option to pay how they want when they want.

Most people are surprised to discover how many service providers they actually pay – the average household has over 12 accounts!

It can be overwhelming to organize and find information about each company. doxo makes it easy. Our biller network pages provide users with access to important contact information, website links, and bill payment details, all from one site. No more searching the web and paper statements for how to pay billers. With doxo, users have all the information in one place with one login.

How are payments delivered to billers?

For Connect Providers, which are those providers that have integrated to the doxo network, bill payments are delivered and posted directly to your system by our affiliate Truex Payments, Inc. (through its service providers and agents).

For payments that users make to any other providers, their payment is processed and delivered to the provider using the most efficient and reliable method for each biller, including check or electronic payment.

What are the maps I see on doxo provider profile pages?

Each profile page features an interactive heatmap and data chart. This map displays information about doxo followers for each provider, and can be filtered by users, payments, and location.

How does a company get listed on the doxo network? Where does doxo get its information about companies?

doxo is a living database of service provider information crowdsourced and maintained by doxo users. New businesses are added by doxo users every day. Every business shown on doxo has at least one doxo user, and possibly thousands.

Once a company has been added by a doxo user, we verify the information against a variety of sources, add additional details, and publish it to make it available to other doxo users. Users can help enhance doxo by creating a Bills & Accounts List to keep track of their providers, suggesting updates to a company profile, and by suggesting new companies we should add to doxo. Companies can also update their profile pages by claiming their profile.

I want to add information to a company profile. How do I do that?

Our users are constantly improving doxo. To add information to a company profile page, click on an “Edit” link from anywhere on the company profile.

We will review and verify your suggested update before publishing the information online.

How can I add a company to the doxo network?

doxo’s Network includes businesses that have a persistent, ongoing relationship with their customers, and therefore are likely delivering statements, documents, or bills to them. Service providers in doxo’s Network that are connected receive fast, free, direct payments from users paying with doxo. This includes utilities, telecom, cable/satellite, banks, credit unions, insurance, physicians and hospitals, government organizations, non-profits, and many more.

If you are a doxo user and cannot find the company you would like to pay, click on the “Add a provider to doxo” button at the bottom of the search results page.

If you work for the company, please reach out to provider-inquiries@doxo.com to speak with a Provider Support Specialist who will get your company up and running on the network.

Does doxo work on my phone or tablet?

Yes – doxo is mobile-friendly and available for iOS and Android devices. Now users can pay all their bills from one login, on any device, when and where you want.

Is my personal information safe and secure on doxo?

We take privacy and security of data really seriously at doxo.

Your Bills & Accounts List is only visible to you after you log in to your doxo account. When you choose to add personal data like account details, documents and notes, you are required to provide complete security credentials ensuring your information is safe and available only to you.

For more information about doxo’s security visit our security page.

How can my business use doxo?

Businesses can use doxo to Connect with customers, go paperless, and get paid faster. doxo is the secure way for businesses to get fast, free, direct payments. If your company is listed on doxo, it means your customers are waiting for you to Connect and are already using doxo to manage their accounts. Contact us to find out how many customers are waiting for you. Go to https://www.doxo.com/business/ to get started.

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