What is doxo? / What is my Bills & Accounts List?

doxo is a service that allows you to organize and manage all your accounts in one place. Most people are surprised to discover how many service providers they actually have - the average household has over 22 accounts! It can be overwhelming to organize and find information about each company. doxo makes it easy.

On doxo, each company has a profile page with important contact information, website links, and bill payment details. No more scouring the web and paper statements for this critical information. Creating your own Bills & Accounts List means you have quick and immediate access to all your provider account details in one easy-to-find place.

How are my payments delivered to my biller?

For Connect Providers, which are those providers that have integrated to the doxo network and indicated with a connect icon in your accounts list, your bill payment is delivered and posted directly to their systems. For payments you make to any other providers, your payment is delivered via a third party payment network operated by Noventis, Inc., which posts your payment to the provider automatically using the most efficient and reliable method for each biller, including check or electronic payment. Doxo is an authorized agent/delegate of Noventis, Inc. Noventis, Inc. dba Precash (“Noventis”) is licensed under the laws of the State of Texas and by state law is subject to regulatory oversight by the Texas Department of Banking. In addition, Noventis is a licensed money transmitter in all other states and territories where a license is required. Noventis is located at 5120 Woodway Drive, Suite 6001, Houston, TX 77056 and our toll free number is (866) 671-5867. For additional information and further disclosures see https://www.noventispayments.com/state-licensing.

What are the maps I see on doxo?

doxo is used by people that have accounts with thousands of different companies. The maps on doxo show the relationships between our users and the companies they do business with.

Maps on company profile pages show the local distribution (by zip code) of doxo users who have added that company to their Bills & Accounts List.

Maps on regional and city pages show the density of doxo users in a zip code or county. Directly below these maps are companies doxo users in that area have added to their Bills & Accounts List. The companies are sorted by service type, and by most added to a Bills & Accounts List.

How does a company get listed in doxo’s Directory? Where does doxo get its information about companies?

doxo is a living database of service provider information built and maintained by doxo users. New businesses are added by doxo users every day. Every business shown on doxo has at least one customer, and possibly thousands, who has added the business to their Bills & Accounts List.

Once a company has been added by a doxo user, we verify the information against a variety of sources, add additional details, and publish it to make it available to other doxo users. You can help enhance doxo by creating a Bills & Accounts List to keep track of your providers, suggesting updates to a company profile, and by suggesting new companies we should add to doxo.

I want to add information to a company profile. How do I do that?

Our users are constantly improving doxo. To add information to a company profile page, click on an “Edit” link from anywhere on the company profile.

We will review and verify your suggested update before publishing the information online.

I cannot find a company I am looking for. How do I get them into doxo?

doxo’s Directory includes businesses that have a persistent, ongoing relationship with their customers, and therefore is likely delivering statements, documents, or bills to them. This includes utilities, telecom, cable/satellite, banks, credit unions, insurance, physicians and hospitals, government organizations, non-profits, and many more.

If you cannot find the company you are looking for click on the “Add a provider to doxo” button at the bottom of the search results page.

How can I use doxo to organize my accounts and information?

We’re glad you asked that question! doxo’s aim is to help you get organized with your service providers and accounts.

You can use doxo to keep track of your account details like usernames, passwords, and account numbers. Add notes and quickly create folders and import your important documents such as taxes, car registrations, bills, and receipts.

To find out more about doxo’s digital file cabinet go to www.doxo.com.

Does doxo work on my phone?

Yes - doxo Mobile is available for iOS and Android devices. With everything right on your phone, it’s like walking around with your file cabinet in your pocket, only a whole lot lighter.

Is my personal information safe and secure on doxo?

We take privacy and security of data really seriously at doxo. Your personal information is treated with the same level of financial-grade security that banks and financial institutions use.

Your Bills & Accounts List is only visible to you after you log in to your doxo account. When you choose to add personal data like account details, documents and notes, you are required to provide complete security credentials ensuring your information is safe and available only to you.

For more information about doxo’s bank-grade security visit our security page.

How can my business use doxo?

Businesses can use doxo to Connect with customers, go paperfree, and get paid faster. If your company is listed on doxo, it means your customers are waiting for you to Connect and are already using doxo to manage their accounts. Contact us to find out how many customers are waiting for you. Go to https://www.doxo.com/business/ to get started.

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