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Why is there a $5.99 charge for doxoPLUS?

doxoPLUS is our subscription bill pay service. For more details please see doxoPLUS FAQ.

doxoPLUS provides subscribers 5 Essential Protections while paying bills through doxo:

  1. $1 Million Identity Theft Protection: $1 Million in Identity Theft Protection, plus Identity Restoration Services. Protect yourself and your wallet.
  2. Credit Protection: Timely bill payments improve your credit. Monitor your credit score as you pay your bills in your doxo account.
  3. Overdraft Protection: Link your bank account to see real-time balance before every payment. If a payment causes an overdraft, doxo will reimburse you.
  4. Late Fee Protection: No more Late Fees: If doxo misses a delivery commitment that results in a late fee, doxo will reimburse you.
  5. Private Pay™ Protection: Protect your card and bank accounts. With doxo, your payment account information is never shared with billers.

If you have any other questions, please contact doxo by form or 24/7 chatbot support. Make sure to include relevant information like your email address, username and the provider you made a payment to. We’re always happy to help.

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