News » Study: Is It Cheaper to Live in San Angelo?

Study: Is It Cheaper to Live in San Angelo?

San Angelo Live

This article originally appeared on San Angelo Live

By Lucas Banda

SAN ANGELO, TX – In a recent report released by doxoINSIGHTS, San Angelo residents are found to spend an average of $2,021 on their monthly bills, showcasing a 1.2% decrease compared to the national average. 

The study, titled “The Hidden Costs of Bill Pay Report 2023,” also reveals a 29 percent surge in hidden costs associated with bill payments, amounting to an extra $1,268 per year for households.

The average household in San Angelo allocates 42 percent of its annual income, which amounts to $57,881, to cover the ten most common household bills. 

The city ranks as the #113 most expensive city in Texas for household expenses, with bills totaling $24,251 annually. 

According to the study, San Angelo’s bills are $306 per year lower than the national average.

Moreover, it is 4.2 percent lower than the state average of $2,110.

Breaking down the average monthly payments, the study highlights the following figures for various bill types in San Angelo:

  • Mortgage: $1,217
  • Rent: $929
  • Auto Loans: $475
  • Utilities: $224
  • Health Insurance: $365
  • Auto Insurance: $315
  • Cable & Internet: $116
  • Mobile: $130
  • Alarm & Security: $76
  • Life Insurance: $101

The report suggests that the hidden costs associated with bill payments are primarily driven by increased credit costs, overdraft fees, late fees, and fraud.