News » San Diegans Spend Over $250 Monthly on Utility Bills

San Diegans Spend Over $250 Monthly on Utility Bills

Chula Vista Today

by Horacio Rentería

This article originally appeared on Chula Vista Today

A recent report by “doxoINSIGHTS,” a financial tool investigating bill payment statistics nationwide, reveals that residents of San Diego spend an average of $261 monthly on utility bills.

This marks an annual increase of 11.1%, indicating that the cost of living for San Diegans is 45.9% higher than the national average and 5.2% above the state average, which stands at $2,046 and $2,838, respectively.

The report highlights that San Diego households allocate 41% of their incomes to home-related bills. The study, titled “Report on the Utility Services Market Size and Household Expenditures for 2023,” delves into Americans’ expenditures on electricity, gas, water, sewage, waste, and recycling bills.

On average, a San Diego household pays $2,985 per month or $35,822 annually, considering the ten most common bills. This categorizes San Diego as the 179th most expensive city in California.

The report also notes that utility bills in California amount to a monthly expense of $368, surpassing the national average of $351. The findings shed light on the financial landscape of San Diego, emphasizing the city’s ranking in the context of statewide expenses.