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Patterson is 289th most expensive in state

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Patterson is the 289th most expensive city in California for household expenses. That’s according to doxo, a bill pay company based in Seattle. Analysts used data to compare how residents in various cities spend their money.

They broke down key insights about household expenses in all 50 states, and for 4200 cities and towns across the US, breaking down localized bill pay data figures as well, and providing insight into cost of living and how it changes according to location.

The data sheds light on each state and city’s cost of living through other metrics as well, such as indicating how much more- or less- expensive specific cities are than the national and state average.

Absolute dollar amounts don’t tell the full story, however. The “percentage of household income” metric provides a more proportional look at bill spending in a particular location. For example, Florida households spend 42% of their income on household costs, which is a higher share than many states where households pay more expensive bills.

And, New Jersey residents, though they live in the third most expensive state for bills, spend just 35% of household income on them.

Out of the 50 states in the US, residents of Louisiana use the highest amount of their income for household bills, amounting to 44% of the state’s average annual household income of $52,111.

However, Louisiana ranks 32nd in the US for household expenses overall, paying an average of $1,906 per month for bills. Following Louisiana for the states where the highest percentage of income used for household bills are Hawaii, Florida, and Mississippi at 43%, 42%, and 41%, respectively.

Utah is more expensive than Louisiana for household bills, ranking 19th in the US and paying $2,097 per month on average. However, Utah is the state where residents spend the least amount of their income on household bills, with 33% of their average annual household income of $75,219 being used for household bills.

Here are their results about how Patterson residents are spending household money:

  • Patterson bills are $6,798 per year higher than the us average
  • The average household in Patterson pays $2613 a month or $31,355 a year on bills
  • Patterson is the 289 most expensive city in California for household expenses
  • Household expenses in Patterson are 27.7% more than the us average
  • Household bills account for 43% of annual household income of $63,983 in Patterson
  • Patterson average monthly mortgage is $1754, average monthly national mortgage is $1321
  • Patterson average monthly rent is $1586 national rent is $1191
  • Patterson average monthly auto loan is $758 nationally its $467
  • Patterson average monthly utilities are $315 nationally they are $351
  • The most expensive city in California is San Ramon with average month bills $4390
  • Most expensive county is Marin with average monthly bills at $3897
  • Pattersonites use their debit card to pay bills 81% of the time, credit 10% and bank account 9%