News » Monthly expenses in Erie are a bargain compared to the US average

Monthly expenses in Erie are a bargain compared to the US average. How inexpensive is it?

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Author: Nicholas Sorensen

When it comes to paying monthly household bills, the city of Erie is among America’s more affordable options.

According to, a bill pay service, the data shows that household bills in the city of Erie average around $1,857 per month, which adds up to $2,268 per year less than the average billing rate in the U.S.

Erie is ranked as the 129th most expensive city in Pennsylvania. The top three most expensive cities for monthly household bills are Wynnewood ($3,242), Wayne ($3,093) and Plymouth Meeting ($3,000).

Among counties in Pennsylvania, Erie is ranked as the 18th most expensive in the state ($1,843). The most costly county is Chester ($2,632).

What are Erie residents spending the most on?

City of Erie residents pay around $836 a month for a mortgage. The national average is around $1,321 a month.

Renters in Erie pay approximately $804 a month compared to the national bill average of $1,191.

Other monthly bills

  • Auto loan: city of Erie $349; national average $467
  • Auto insurance: Erie $290; national $207
  • Utilities: Erie $477; national $351.
  • Health insurance: Erie $169; national $120.
  • Life insurance: Erie $132; national $89.
  • Phone bill: Erie $109; national $119.
  • Cable and internet: Erie $109; national $118.
  • Alarm and security: Erie $79; national $84

What type of accounts do Erie residents use to pay their bills?

Erie residents pay their bills 77% of the time with debit cards, while 14% are paid through bank accounts and 9% by credit cards.

In Erie, the top three service providers listed are National Fuel, Penelec and Erie Water Works.