News » Locals spending nearly 40 percent of income on housing, car, etc.

Locals spending nearly 40 percent of income on housing, car, etc.

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FAIRFIELD — A recently released report, “U.S. Utilities Market Size and Household Spending Report” for 2023, shows the average Fairfield household pays $2,891 per month, or $34,693 per year for the 10 most common household bills.

It lists Fairfield as the 204th most expensive city in the state.

Fairfield households spend 39% of their income on household bills.

Household expenses in Fairfield, California are 41.3% higher than the US average.

The average mortgage payment is $2,194 a month; the average rent is $1,808 per month.

Auto loans average $485; utility bills total about $339.

Health insurance runs an average of $329 month; auto insurance averages $165 a month.

Cable and Internet averaged $120; mobile phone, $101; alarm and security, $96 and life insurance, $85.

Suisun City is ranked the 207th most expensive city in the state, paying $2,284 in bills per month, claiming almost 43% percent of income.

Vacaville pays almost $3,000 a month on household bills, ranking it the 188th most expensive city in California. It takes 37 percent of household income to pay the rent or mortgage, auto loan, utilities, etc.

California ranks second on the Top 10 list of most expensive states to call home.

According to the report, the average cost of bills in California is $2,838 per month, which is 38.7% above the national average and 40% of the average household income. The highest monthly bill for residents of California is the mortgage, which averages $2,402. For those who rent, the average is $1,762 a month.

The city that ranked as the most expensive in California is San Ramon, located 34 miles east of San Francisco. The average monthly bill cost for San Ramon is $4,390.

According to Niche, San Ramon is in the top 10 best suburbs to raise a family in California thanks to its above-average schools and below-average violent and property crime rates.

West Virginia ranked as the least expensive state based on household bills.

The average cost of bills in West Virginia is $1,530 per month, 25.2% below the national average.

According to the doxo report, the average mortgage in the state is $879, while the average monthly rent is $785.

he report analyzes the $436 billion spent annually on utility bills in the country. It finds that the average utility bill for U.S. residents is $351 per month. Among the 79% of American households that pay a utility bill, this amounts to expenses of $4,212 per year. When averaging across all households in the nation, this comes to $3,327 per year.

The report also breaks out the U.S. household spending market size, and average monthly costs by state and city. A statistical analysis of actual household payments toward utility bills was used to size the market. It draws on anonymized data from doxo’s 8 million customers who have paid bills across more than 97% of U.S. zip codes.

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