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How Much Do Wayne Residents Pay for Household Bills Compared to the State and Country?

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By Jon “Ferris” Meredith

WAYNE, NJ – It may not seem so to you, given the inflation we’re experiencing, but – on average – Wayne households spend less of a percentage of their income on bills than the state and US average, according to a study done by doxoINSIGHTS. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the average yearly amount spent on bills in Wayne Township is $15,290 per year higher than the US average.

Household bills for New Jerseyans are over $8,000 higher than the US average, making this the third most expensive state paying bills. But Wayne is considered the 20th most expensive city in NJ for household expenses, according to doxo, so it’s not surprising to hear that Wayne residents are paying 62.3% more than the US average.

Wayne households are paying, on average, $3,321 per month or $39,847 per year for things like mortgage, utilities, car payments, car insurance, health insurance, cable/satellite or cell phone bills. This is 31% of the average household income of approximately $128,000.

“Absolute dollar amounts don’t tell the full story, however,” reads the doxo website. “The ‘percentage of household income’ metric provides a more proportional look at bill spending in a particular location. For example, Florida households spend 42% of their income on household costs, which is a higher share than many states where households pay more expensive bills. And, New Jersey residents, though they live in the third most expensive state for bills, spend just 35% of household income on them.”

The most expensive place to live in NJ is Princeton with $4,052 in average monthly bills and the least expensive is Manchester Township, where households pay just $1,654 for their bills. That town is just west of Tom’s River in Ocean County.

Speaking of Counties, it won’t be a surprise to some to learn that Morris is the most expensive county in NJ for household bills, with their residents paying $3,277 on monthly bills. The least expensive of NJ’s 21 counties for monthly bills is Salem County – their average is $2,236 per month on bills.

Louisiana residents use the highest percentage of income for household bills

“Out of the 50 states in the US, residents of Louisiana use the highest amount of their income for household bills, amounting to 44% of the state’s average annual household income of $52,111,” says doxo. “However, Louisiana ranks 32nd in the US for household expenses overall, paying an average of $1,906 per month for bills. Following Louisiana for the states where the highest percentage of income used for household bills are Hawaii, Florida, and Mississippi at 43%, 42%, and 41%, respectively.”

“Utah is more expensive than Louisiana for household bills, ranking 19th in the US and paying $2,097 per month on average. However, Utah is the state where residents spend the least amount of their income on household bills, with 33% of their average annual household income of $75,219 being used for household bills.”