Press Release » doxo Adds Automatic Cloud Backup for All Documents

doxo Adds Automatic Cloud Backup for All Your Important Account Documents to Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box

Corporate Press Release

For the First Time, Businesses can Capitalize on the Tremendous Growth of Personal Cloud Storage to Expand Customer Engagement and Self-Service

doxo, the digital file cabinet for all the key accounts in your life, today announced automatic backup for all your provider documents to your personal Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box account. With doxo Cloud Backup, every document delivered, imported, or uploaded to your doxo account is automatically backed up and intelligently organized in your personal cloud storage.

Hundreds of millions of people use Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box to store and share personal files, photos and music. Now, with doxo Cloud Backup, it’s simple to back up all the important documents from your doxo digital file cabinet directly to your personal cloud storage. doxo is the free digital file cabinet that keeps all of your account information, notes and documents in a single place, for any company you do business with – phone provider, cable company, utilities, healthcare, bank, credit card, insurance, and more.  You can access your doxo digital file cabinet anytime, anywhere either online or via the doxo mobile app for iPhone or Android smartphones.

“doxo is your personal directory for all the accounts you need to manage in life.  And our new Cloud Backup is just one more step to put your organization on auto-pilot,” said Steve Shivers, co-founder and chief executive officer at doxo “Many of our doxo users also use Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box and this automatic backup capability has been one of our most requested new features. It’s great for our users, and provides added benefits to the many businesses on doxo as well.”

This new capability not only benefits doxo users, but now for the first time businesses on doxo also can capitalize on the tremendous growth of personal cloud storage to provide a valuable new self-service capability to their customers.  When businesses connect to customers on doxo, every document delivered can now automatically be intelligently archived to the customers’ Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box. Businesses can join the doxo network, and start connecting with customers, in a matter of weeks in most cases.  Using doxo requires no complex IT systems or complex professional services.  Learn more about how businesses connect on doxo, visit:

“Businesses know a rapidly growing number of their customers are already using Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box to back up their files. doxo now provides a practical way for businesses to take advantage of this growing trend to provide their customers with added convenience,” said Mark Lowenstein, managing director at Mobile Ecosystem, a leading industry consulting firm. “doxo delivers new ways for users to self-serve – online, through the doxo mobile app, and now with Cloud Backup. These capabilities are very useful on their own, but together they are very powerful, and can deliver meaningful customer interactions.”

About doxo

doxo is your digital file cabinet for all the key accounts in your life. doxo is used to organize all your accounts, manage account info and email, receive and backup documents, and make payments to connected providers, online or through the doxo mobile app. Through doxo, businesses of all types – finance, utilities, healthcare, telecom, banking, insurance, and more – connect to customers to provide innovative self-service capabilities, boost mobile and online engagement, accelerate paperless adoption, and get paid faster. Headquartered in Seattle, doxo is venture-backed by Mohr Davidow Ventures, Sigma Partners, and Bezos Expeditions. For more information visit: