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California utility bills slightly above national average

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While two California cities rank among the urban areas with the highest utility bills in the United States, the Golden State itself falls a little above the national average and well below the most expensive states in terms of utilities. [KTLA]

Utility bills in California average $368 per month, higher than the national average of $351, according to a report compiled by the bill management service Doxo.

The state with the highest average utility bill is Hawaii. Utility bills in Hawaii average $633 a month. Maine, at $500 per month; New Jersey, at $467 per month; Connecticut, at $463 per month; and Vermont, at $428 per month, round out the top 5. 

Mississippi has the least expensive utilities. The average monthly utility bill in Mississippi is $255.

Among major cities, Milwaukee has the most expensive utilities, followed by New York, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and San Jose. Utility bills in Milwaukee average $538 per month. New York City has an average of $511; Los Angeles has an average of $455; and Pittsburgh and San Jose  both average of $439.

Minneapolis, where the average monthly utility bill is $209, ranks least expensive among major cities.