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doxoINSIGHTS Releases 2020 Bill Pay Data for Over 900 Cities

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doxoINSIGHTS has released the updated 2020 edition of its annual Household Bills, Unbundled report, revealing what the average American household spends on recurring monthly expenses in more than 900 U.S cities.

This unique and proprietary data covers reveals that the average monthly bundle of bills in the U.S. is $971. The largest regular expense for residents in many of the cities covered by doxoINSIGHTS’ analysis are monthly auto loans. Corinth, MS, is the city that has the lowest average monthly auto loan payment, at $120. Residents of Watertown, SD, meanwhile, make an average monthly auto loan payment of $770.

This publicly accessible data set expands on doxoINSIGHTS’ 2020 report America’s Household Bills, Unbundled, which analyzes bill payments in the top 25 major metro areas across the US over the past year. The report revealed what the average American household pays per month on the nine most common bills, which include auto loansauto insuranceutilitieshealth insurancelife insurancecable & satellitemobile phonealarm & security, and dental insurance.

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