South Dakota Household Bills

South Dakota bills are $3,261 per year lower than the US average.

South Dakota, situated in the northern Midwest, is characterized by its expansive prairies, Badlands, and iconic Mount Rushmore.

South Dakota is home to an estimated 919,318 residents1 with over 408,306 housing units.2

On average, households in South Dakota spend $1,854 per month, or $22,252 per year on bills.

1 U.S. Census Bureau, population estimate Jul. 2023 (V2023)

2 U.S. Census Bureau, population estimate Jul. 2022 (V2022)

South Dakota rank #42 most expensive State in the U.S.

Household bills 32% of average annual income

Household expenses 12.8% lower than the U.S. average

Average income $69,281 in South Dakota