North Carolina Household Bills

North Carolina bills are $1,808 per year lower than the US average.

North Carolina, situated in the southeastern United States, is known for its diverse landscapes, including the Appalachian Mountains and coastal plains.

North Carolina is home to an estimated 10,835,491 residents1 with over 4,892,662 housing units.2

On average, households in North Carolina spend $1,975 per month, or $23,705 per year on bills.

1 U.S. Census Bureau, population estimate Jul. 2023 (V2023)

2 U.S. Census Bureau, population estimate Jul. 2022 (V2022)

North Carolina rank #32 most expensive State in the U.S.

Household bills 34% of average annual income

Household expenses 7.1% lower than U.S. average

Average income $69,311 in North Carolina