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How does the doxo business model work?

At doxo, we work with Providers to make it easier for consumers to pay bills, manage multiple accounts, and track payments on any device (tablet, mobile, desktop). 

We offer both free and provider sponsored options. We have designed doxo to work with Providers a few different ways:

  • The provider doesn’t need to do anything. As a third-party bill pay service, we pay the providers on behalf of their customers via check or bank payments. This is completely free for the providers. 
  • Billers have an option to provide their bank routing information, after verification by doxo, we automatically deposit funds into the provider’s accounts on behalf of the customer. This speeds up the process for both the consumer and provider. This is also completely free for the providers.
  • Some of our providers chose to sponsor the nominal transaction fees for their customers. This is a paperless process and enhances the experience for both the consumer and the provider. 
  • Providers may also choose to turn all online bill payment over to doxo, no integration required to get up and running with doxo as your bill payment option. We’re happy to discuss these options. 

Email to learn more about these options and which is best for your company.