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Consumer Bill Pay Perceptions Report

Paying bills is a common experience, but the details of how American households feel about it, and how it reflects attitudes towards personal finance, may be a surprise. 

The Consumer Bill Pay Perceptions Report uses doxoINSIGHTS data combined with other research to provide a look at how America feels about paying their bills and what they believe would improve their experience and financial outcome. The results in the report are survey-based and have a 3% margin of error from 1,105 sampled households.

Findings from the report include:

  • 83% feel improving financial health to be the top motivator for paying bills.
  • 77% of consumers feel accomplished when paying their bills.
  • 34% of consumers reported feeling anxiety about paying bills. 
  • Specific anxieties about bills often had to do with the logistics of making payments:
    • 61% of consumers said they don’t like having to manage their bills on multiple accounts.
    • 53% worry about biller website security.

Read the full report to see more statistics and detailed discussion about these findings, as well as consumers’ suggestions about solutions that could make bill payment easier for them.

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