Health Providers Across 40 Hospitals and 3,000 Physicians Join doxo

Health Providers Across 40 Hospitals and 3,000 Physicians Join doxo

Leading Health Systems Leverage doxo to Eliminate Paper, Speed Bill Payment, and Improve Patient Experience


SEATTLE – February 3, 2012 – doxo, the all-in-one digital file cabinet and e-payment solution, today announced major healthcare provider systems (including hospitals, doctors, and outpatient centers) joined doxo to connect with their patients online and reduce the complexity associated with medical bills, payments, and paperwork. These healthcare providers together represent more than 40 hospitals and 3,000 physicians and include Saint Luke’s Health System, Advocate Health Care and Advocate Medical Group, Novant Health, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, University of Illinois Medical Center, Rockford Health System, and Rush-Copley Medical Center.


Patients connect with their healthcare providers on doxo to securely receive, review, and manage their medical and insurance documents, and pay their medical bills, from their doxo digital file cabinet.  In turn, hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies eliminate paper mail, speed payment for medical services, and simplify the overall experience for their patients and members.


“doxo brings unique benefits for healthcare, because its secure, private model is built for both small and large providers that send bills and other critical documents to its customers,” said Danielle Weber, SVP of Revenue Cycle at Novant Health in North Carolina.  “This is especially crucial for healthcare, because hospital statements and insurance Explanation of Benefits (EOB) need to come together in order for the patient to understand their payment responsibility – doxo helps make this process easier.”


“Our patients have to manage bills and documents not just from our hospitals and physicians, but also from their health insurance, and of course all the other providers in their lives.  doxo complements our existing online payment process and makes it easier for our patients to manage their medical bills,” said Terry McCarthy, director, patient accounts for Advocate Health Care. “It’s all about providing the most convenient way for our patients to receive documents and pay bills online.”


Each time a patient connects, paper mail is turned off, and documents are thereafter delivered directly to the patient’s digital file cabinet.  While every patient may have a different set of healthcare providers and insurance plans, doxo makes it possible to manage all the documents, bills, and payments in one place.  doxo enables users to manage more than just bills – it’s a place they can also keep notes on their treatment and import and organize other medical records. In addition, doxo users receive bills and important documents for all their other household accounts in the same place they manage their healthcare paperwork.


“Healthcare is one of the fastest growing areas of doxo’s business,” said John Talaga, VP at doxo.  “The complexity of multiple provider bills, coupled with the associated health insurance EOB’s, is often difficult and confusing for the patient to manage and often results in increased inquiries, delayed payments, and added patient stress.  doxo is designed to address these problems head on to reduce hassle and stress for patients and deliver strong savings to providers and payers.”


“The growing responsibility of the consumer portion of payments has placed an additional burden on providers’ offices to track collections and maintain their profitability. As the market moves forward, providers are getting savvier in adopting automated solutions that can help ease the burden of receiving post-adjudication payments from the consumers,” said Kunal Pandya, Senior Analyst, Health Insurance and Payments, Aite Group.  “Additionally, it is increasingly important for consumers to manage their healthcare bills and move from a paper-based statement to an automated tool that would help to better manage and understand their expenses. In the next 24 months, we believe that solutions that cater to consumers, providers, and health plans alike will tend to prove to be valuable for all stakeholders involved.”


With doxo Connect, any healthcare provider can directly connect with patients in a matter of minutes, with no software or professional services required.  doxo works for healthcare and health plan providers of all sizes, from the nation’s largest healthcare institutions to a local physician or dentist seeking to alleviate the hassle of paper bills for patients and get paid faster.


To learn more about delivering documents through the doxo network, visit doxo For Your Business To sign up for your own personal doxo account, visit, or download the doxo mobile app 


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doxo is the easiest way for businesses and customers to Connect and interact. doxo provides consumers a digital file cabinet that makes it simple to organize household accounts and store important documents from multiple providers all in one place. For businesses, joining doxo makes it easy to connect and interact with customers, deliver documents paperlessly, and get paid with doxoPAY. Every month thousands of customers and businesses are connecting and going paper-free on doxo, dramatically reducing payment, paper, and postage costs and eliminating environmental waste. doxo investors include top-tier venture firms Mohr Davidow Ventures, Sigma Partners, and Bezos Expeditions, the venture investment fund of Jeff Bezos. The company is led by executives from Qpass, Amazon and Microsoft, who have driven broad consumer adoption of new online services and processed billions of dollars in e-payment transactions. doxo has been recognized as a Red Herring Global Top 100 for 2011, a Best of the Web by NetBanker, American Business Awards New Product of the Year, and the 2011 AlwaysOn OnDemand Top 100 Private Companies. doxo is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. More information can be found at  The doxo iPhone app is available at