doxo Launches Real-Time Business Analytics and Market Data for Service Providers

doxo’s Unique Business Intelligence Tools Provide the Big Data Transparency, Stats, and Insight Businesses Need for Data-driven Decision Making.

SEATTLE – April 23, 2014 – doxo, the network that connects businesses with customers to boost mobile and online interaction, today unveiled its doxo Analytics suite for business customers.

doxo Analytics is a new suite of tools that enable businesses on the doxo network to massively expand insight into their customer activity, market share, and trends for the services they offer.  The new analytics capabilities leverage doxo’s unique customer-centric data model.  The doxo Analytics suite combines a business’ individual statistics with doxo’s aggregate network data, to see how the business stacks up within their overall industry, and filter and analyze the data by type of service and by geographic market.

“doxo’s new capabilities have the potential to be massively disruptive in terms of business-to-customer interaction and insight, as well as on the conventional view of how Big Data will impact the market,” said Jeff Cotrupe, analyst at Stratecast|Frost and Sullivan. “We believe doxo is the first crowd sourced business data set generated by actual customer activity, in the market.  doxo provides the turn-key suite many businesses need to boost online and mobile interaction, e-bill delivery and payment, while delivering unique Big Data-driven insights many companies could not obtain on their own.”

To date, over a million doxo users across the country have added more than 32,000 unique businesses to the doxo network directory.  As doxo’s network continues to expand, this unique crowd-sourced data asset grows in depth and statistical precision, enabling businesses to see market data and statistics that would otherwise be unavailable or would require expensive market surveys.

doxo Analytics enables businesses to answer critical questions with real-time market data:

  • What is our market share in each of the geographies we serve?
  • What percentage of consumers in this area purchase services like ours?  What other types of services do they consume?  From which providers?
  • How many businesses are competing in our space?
  • What companies are the leaders?  How do we stack up against them?
  • For our customers, what other types of services do we consume?  Who are the top providers of those services?
  • How does each of these questions vary across the markets we serve?  For example, how does our market share and competition differ in Florida, New York, and California?

doxo Analytics enables businesses to currently filter their market stats and data by any of seven key industry groups and by national or state view.  Filters will also soon include key metro, city and county areas, as well as more than 50 sub-industry groups.

“Cloud-based, no-software solutions like doxo reduce investment and time-to-market by months or years,” continued Cotrupe. “They democratize Big Data so that even small and mid-sized businesses can participate and benefit.”

“doxo drives expanded interaction between businesses and their customers.  And our new Analytics suite moves beyond that to provide a new and increasingly valuable market data asset for the businesses participating.  Most Big Data initiatives by the enterprise are limited to the data available within the four walls of their business.  doxo completes that picture by adding the critical data needed from the outside market.  This external market data is, arguably, the most difficult to obtain and the most essential for making critical marketing, sales, and strategy decisions,” said Steve Shivers, co-founder and chief executive officer at doxo. “Every customer transaction and interaction a business has should generate better insight and market understanding.  doxo Analytics provides a massive expansion in market transparency enabling national businesses, as well as small and mid-sized businesses, to make better data-driven decisions.”

Frost and Sullivan’s Stratecast research report by Analyst Jeff Cotrupe includes its evaluation of the new doxo Analytics capabilities.  The report is entitled “Local Businesses (and National Brands) Need Big Data in a Big Way – Is doxo the Answer?”  The report can be downloaded for free at

Businesses that join doxo access their doxo Analytics suite via their doxo Control Panel, where they also view and manage their company profile, customer connections, document delivery and payment transactions, and access to the doxo network on doxo.

Businesses large and small, spanning all types of industries, use doxo.  Examples of doxo customers include AT&T, National Grid, Puget Sound Energy, Novant Health, Sprint, Rubatino Refuse Removal, Sound Community Bank, Advocate Health, Heritage Grove Federal Credit Union, Woodinville Water District, Mountaineer Gas, and many others, representing diverse service providers throughout the United States.  Businesses can learn more at or by contacting doxo at

About doxo

doxo is the free, award-winning digital file cabinet people use to manage all the key accounts in life.  Online or on your iPhone or Android smartphone, doxo users organize service provider and personal accounts, upload, share, and archive documents, receive and make payments to connected providers, and access their personal directory of accounts anywhere, anytime.  Businesses join doxo to boost customer interaction by leveraging doxo’s unique customer-centric, network-driven model. doxo works alongside existing channels to massively expand interaction, accelerate paperless adoption, speed payments, and boost mobile engagement.  doxo Analytics leverages doxo’s unique and proprietary data to provide the Big Data stats and insight needed for data-driven business decisions.  Headquartered in Seattle, doxo is venture-backed by Mohr Davidow Ventures, Sigma Partners, and Bezos Expeditions.  For more information, visit  Businesses can get more information about doxo and doxo Analytics at