doxo Launches New iPhone App with Expanded Capabilities, Optimized for iOS 7

doxo’s Highly Rated Mobile App is Your Personal Directory for All the Key Accounts in Your Life

SEATTLE – October 31, 2013 – Starting today, doxo’s new iPhone app, redesigned and optimized for iOS 7, is available for download in Apple’s iPhone App Storedoxo, your personal directory for all the accounts in your life, has redeveloped its highly rated iPhone app to make it even easier to organize and manage provider account info, emails, notes and documents for all of your accounts – banking, credit cards, phone, cable, Internet, utilities, insurance, and more. This information is available anytime and anywhere you need it – online or on your smartphone.

“Let’s be honest, we sign up for e-bills and to receive electronic versions of the various documents we want sent to us. At best we file it away in that abyss of mail folders; at worst, we hit ‘delete.’ But the minute we need a credit card statement, cellphone bill or a copy of an insurance policy, what do we do? We scramble for the username/password of our provider account to find that bill, that statement, that policy. It seems to always happen at the worst possible time. It’s Murphy’s Law,” says Bob Egan, chief executive officer and chief analyst at Sepharim Group. “Finding important documents, organizing important files should be as easy as connecting to a friend on Facebook. That’s doxo.”

doxo Mobile for iPhone:

  • Your personal directory: the doxo app is for your key providers, what your contacts app is for your friends and colleagues.
  • Organize provider emails: Link your email account to find and add providers and, if you choose, automatically import and archive their emails daily.
  • All account info, in one place: Never dig around for customer support numbers or emails again. All of your account info, key links and logins are right at your fingertips.
  • Upload documents: Simply snap a picture of a receipt, coupon or any other doc to quickly upload it to the doxo mobile app.
  • Add Folders: Create custom folders to store receipts, keep a copy of your driver’s license or any other important info you need while on the go.
  • Connect & Pay: When your providers join doxo, you can connect to go paperless, receive bills and statements, and make payments with doxoPAY right from your iPhone.

The new doxo mobile app for iOS 7 is available for download starting today from Apple’s iPhone App Store.

“Loads of user feedback and great reviews in the Apple store have guided the development of our second-generation iPhone app. Our team has completely redesigned the app from the ground up, further simplifying the mobile experience by adding new features, and optimizing for iOS 7,” said Steve Shivers, co-founder and chief executive officer. “The new app provides a simpler navigation of your provider list, incorporates new capabilities like automatically importing your key provider emails, and makes it even easier to use your iPhone camera to add docs and receipts on the go. doxo is great for users and also benefits the growing number of businesses using doxo as a way to drive new mobile interactions, increase paperless adoption and accelerate bill payments with doxoPAY.  It’s the next step in our mission to simplify the interaction between customers and businesses.”

Businesses interested in expanding customer interaction, boosting mobile engagement, driving more paperless adoption and speeding up bill payment, can learn more at:

About doxo

doxo is your personal directory for all the important accounts in your life. doxo is used to manage account info and email, receive and backup documents, and make payments to connected providers, online or through the doxo mobile app. Through doxo, businesses of all typesbanking & credit cards, healthcare, insurance, investment, phone, TV & internet, travel and utilities – connect to customers to provide innovative self-service capabilities, boost mobile and online engagement, accelerate paperless adoption, and get paid faster. Headquartered in Seattle, doxo is venture-backed by Mohr Davidow Ventures, Sigma Partners, and Bezos Expeditions. For more information visit: