SEATTLE – November 3, 2011 – doxo, the all-in-one digital file cabinet and e-payment solution, today announced new features of doxoPAY, including automatic payment with limits. With doxo’s auto pay, people can schedule automatic payments for bills they receive in their doxo accounts, without needing to link out to multiples sites to set up payment credentials for each business. With the new limit feature of auto pay, consumers can set a maximum amount to be automatically paid. For example, people can choose to auto pay a phone bill as long as it does not exceed $100. If the amount due exceeds the limit set, the consumer is instantly alerted so they can review the details of the bill before making that payment.

Businesses continue to join doxo, now including AT&T, as well as Puget Sound Energy, Sprint, Sound Community Bank, Oregon Federal Credit Union, Kansas City Power & Light, and many more. Businesses of all sizes, including banks, credit unions, utilities, insurance, telecom providers, healthcare providers, and government organizations, can now immediately offer doxoPay with auto pay to their customers.

“Businesses struggle to reduce not only the costs of printing and postage, but also the hidden costs associated with many electronic payments,” said Patricia McGinnis, Director, Mercator Advisory Group. “Contrary to popular belief, typical paperless channels can actually increase costs for a biller, because many consumers will setup auto pay and have the charge levied to a credit card, rather than exposing their personal bank account information to multiple billers.  doxo addresses this issue by enabling businesses to go paperless while largely eliminating credit card fees, and providing added protection and convenience for consumers. doxo’s new solution provides a powerful differentiator to driving paperless adoption.”

People use doxo as their digital file cabinet, to receive and store documents and pay bills to any provider all in one place, with one password. Unlike traditional online bill payment options, doxo users set up their credentials only once to receive bills paperfree, pay multiple providers and schedule automatic payments.  Users never have to link away to different sites and manage various credentials and accounts for each of their providers.

“Every month, businesses are connecting with thousands of customers on doxo to turn off paper mail. The whole point of a bill is to facilitate a payment—and hopefully a quick and easy one at that. These new doxoPAY features are designed to provide our users greater simplicity and more control than any other bill payment service available,” said Steve Shivers, doxo co-founder and CEO.  “For businesses, paperless adoption must be accompanied by reduced payment processing costs, or the additional expenses will outweigh the paperless savings. With the new auto pay capability, doxoPAY provides businesses big and small with speedier collections at much lower cost than traditional payment processing.”

doxo allows businesses of all sizes the opportunity to dramatically increase paperless adoption, reduce payment costs, and boost online interaction by providing a convenient new choice to customers. doxo is an online service and requires no software or IT services for companies to join the network. Businesses can learn more about doxo at

To sign up for your own personal doxo account, visit To download the doxo mobile app, visit

About doxo

doxo is the easiest way for businesses and customers to Connect and interact. doxo provides consumers a digital file cabinet that makes it simple to organize household accounts and store important documents from multiple providers all in one place. For businesses, joining doxo makes it easy to connect and interact with customers, deliver documents paperlessly, and get paid with doxoPAY. Every month thousands of customers and businesses are connecting and going paper-free on doxo, dramatically reducing payment, paper, and postage costs and eliminating environmental waste. doxo investors include top-tier venture firms Mohr Davidow Ventures, Sigma Partners, and Bezos Expeditions, the venture investment fund of Jeff Bezos. The company is led by executives from Qpass, Amazon and Microsoft, who have driven broad consumer adoption of new online services and processed billions of dollars in e-payment transactions. doxo has been recognized as a Red Herring Top 100 for 2011, a Best of the Web by NetBanker, American Business Awards New Product of the Year, and the 2011 AlwaysOn OnDemand Top 100 Private Companies. doxo is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. More information can be found at  The doxo iPhone app is available at