doxo’s New Email Import and Organization Capability Further Simplifies Record Keeping for the Key Accounts in Your Life

Automatically Import, Organize and Archive Emails from Banks, Credit Cards, Insurance, Mobile, Investment, Healthcare, Utilities, Travel, and More 

Works with Your Personal Email Service at Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail,, AOL,, and

SEATTLE, WA – September 17, 2013 – doxo, the online service that simplifies organizing and managing all the key accounts in your life, today added the new doxo Email Import capability. doxo Email Import automatically imports, organizes, and archives all of the emails for key accounts you receive through your personal email inbox, and works with the leading email services.

To import your email, simply link your email account to your doxo account, select the businesses you work with, and doxo will automatically organize and archive thousands of emails for you in a matter of minutes – so all your account info, usernames, passwords, documents, and now email are together in your personal and secure doxo digital file cabinet.

“Managing emails is both a time sink and a nuisance for most people,” explained Dan Miller, senior analyst at Opus Research. “doxo takes a novel approach that detects important emails from vendors and service providers and then organizes them alongside related account information and documents within a users doxo account. Not only does doxo intelligently import and organize hundreds, if not thousands of emails from your personal email account in minutes, it carries out automatic updates daily. That makes it a time saver and an important tool for managing interactions with key vendors.”

doxo Email Import features include:

  • Automatically import, organize and archive emails for the key accounts you specify – banks, credit cards, insurance, mobile service, utilities, investments, health, or any other account related email.
  • Emails can be imported from your personal email service at Gmail, Yahoo,, Hotmail, AOL,, or; with more providers coming soon.
  • You select which of your business accounts to add to your doxo account, and which emails to import.
  • Weeds out your junk email – doxo only imports and organizes the account email you identify as important, and ignores the rest.
  • doxo checks back for new email from your key accounts each day, keeping your records up to date automatically.
  • Access your account emails and info online or with the doxo mobile app for iOS and Android.

“Our email inboxes have become overwhelming.  It’s a huge hassle to try to find important emails and records when our personal inboxes are overflowing with junk mail and other unsolicited messages,” said Stacey Platt, professional organizer and owner at DwellWell, a NYC-based lifestyle management company. “doxo Email Import turns it around to automatically filter and import the emails that matter for my important accounts, and organize and archive them right alongside my other key account info and documents. Within minutes of signing up, doxo organized several thousand of my emails from the past few years. This is incredibly useful – I’ve needed something like this for a long time.”

“doxo is your personal directory of all the accounts in your life – giving a consolidated view of your account info, usernames, passwords, documents, and now email, together in one convenient place,” said Steve Shivers, co-founder and CEO at doxo. “It’s our mission to make your life easier, and Email Import brings us another step closer to fulfilling that goal.”

About doxo

With doxo, consumers securely manage service provider accounts, organize account info, notes and email, and receive and store documents in an easily accessible free, cloud-based digital file cabinet and make payments – online or through the doxo mobile app. doxo makes it easy for businesses to connect and interact with their customers.  Businesses of all types – finance, utilities, healthcare, banking, insurance, and more – use doxo to connect to customers to boost online and mobile engagement, accelerate paperless adoption, and get paid faster. Headquartered in Seattle, doxo is venture-backed by leading firms Mohr Davidow Ventures, Sigma Partners, and Bezos Expeditions. For more information visit: