doxo Announces Over 30,000 Payable Billers

Leading consumer bill pay service announces the largest payable biller network of 30,000—over two times what most banks provide.

SEATTLE, WA. – October 11, 2017 – doxo

Seattle-based bill paying service doxo announces another important company milestone, as the company has now passed the 30,000 mark for payable billers within its network—more than any other bill paying service nationwide.

The continued growth of doxo’s provider base arises from the “network effect” between its users and its billing service providers. Users who sign up for doxo add billers they want to pay. After doxo validates the biller, they are further made payable for the entire network of over 2 million users. Billers can also join the doxo network for free to receive fast, direct payments. Through this constant and reinforcing network effect, billers gain transparency and engagement levels that are impossible to achieve through their websites alone.

“Passing 30,000 payable billers is an important milestone for the company, especially after we surpassed 2 million users in May,” comments doxo CEO and Co-Founder Steve Shivers. “The most compelling service we provide to our users is the ability to pay all of their bills from a single, secure, mobile-friendly account. We’ve also developed unique and proprietary systems necessary to map the entire billing industry—an industry that represents over 50% of all consumer household spending.”

Billers that enroll in doxo’s direct pay network join the thousands of providers who electronically connect to over 2 million doxo users across America. doxo is compatible with all existing billing systems (even if the biller is stuck in an exclusive agreement with their payments provider), and is free for billers to connect with electronically.

The advantages of joining doxo’s provider network include:

  • A better and simpler payment experience for the biller’s customers
  • Faster payment receipt than those made by mail (on average, by 3 to 5 business days)
  • Fewer customer missed delivery dates and/or mail delivery issues
  • Business flexibility, with no-commitment, month-to-month contracts

doxo also provides a complete online payments system for those billers who haven’t gone digital yet.

“By simply plugging into the doxo network, we were able to give our customers a complete, mobile-friendly payments solution that provides benefits to our customers beyond what we could or should ever do unilaterally,” comments Gary Barnard, Director Customer Service, Mountaineer Gas. “It allows us to focus on our core business and to leave keeping up with the fast-moving payments market to them.”

Billers can learn more about the benefits of joining doxo at

About doxo

Headquartered in Seattle, doxo ( makes it simple for consumers to manage and pay their bills in one place. To date, doxo’s over 2 million users across the country have added more than 43,000 unique billers to the doxo biller directory of which 30,000 are payable, making doxo the first crowd-sourced, customer-centered payment solution for the bills which comprise more than half of U.S. household spending.

Billers that join doxo are connecting to their customers, increasing mobile payments, boosting auto-pay enrollment, accessing vital real-time market data and more. Through doxo, large businesses like AT&T, Mountaineer Gas, National Grid, Puget Sound Energy, and Kansas City Light, as well as many other regional and local service providers in finance, utilities, healthcare, telecom, banking, insurance and other sectors are getting fast, direct payments. For more information on doxo for business, billers can visit

Founded in 2008, doxo is backed by leading venture investors including Mohr Davidow Ventures, Sigma Partners, and Bezos Expeditions.

For more information about doxo, please contact us at (206) 319-0097, Extension 3, or via press (at) doxo (dot) com.