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Support Phone(949) 255-7200

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Services: Membership and Gym & Fitness
Industry Groups: Online & Memberships
Service Area: National

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does LA Fitness offer online bill pay?
LA Fitness does not offer customers an online payment option. To pay your bill you may need send funds via alternative means. You may find more information on the LA Fitness website.
Where can I login to my online LA Fitness account?
Sign into your LA Fitness account online at
I need help logging in to my LA Fitness account. Where's the best place to get help?
Contact customer support for LA Fitness if you need help accessing your account or resetting your password. Visit their support page here:
Can I access my account or pay LA Fitness from my phone or tablet?
Mobile apps for LA Fitness are avialable at LA Fitness for iOS and LA Fitness for Android. Download the apps and login to your LA Fitness account to get started.
I have a question about my LA Fitness account. How do I contact customer support for my provider?
Customer support for LA Fitness can be reached online at Reach LA Fitness via phone at (949) 255-7200 or email at
Does LA Fitness have any nicknames or is it known as anything else?
No, LA Fitness only seems to be known as "LA Fitness".

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