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Contact Phone603-625-8531
Support Phone(207) 989-2770

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Services: Heating Oil & Propane
Industry Groups: Utilities
Service Area: National

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Dead River Company offer online bill pay?
You can pay Dead River Company online. Go to the Dead River Company website at
Where can I login to my online Dead River Company account?
Dead River Company customers are encouraged to login via a web browser at
Where can I find help login into my Dead River Company account?
Contact customer support for Dead River Company if you need help accessing your account or resetting your password. Visit their support page here:
Does Dead River Company offer a mobile app?
Unfortunately Dead River Company does not offer a mobile app. You can use the doxo My Account Manager app to keep your account info, notes, documents, and contact information for Dead River Company. Download and install doxo My Account Manager for iPhone or doxo My Account Manager for Android now.
What's the best way to contact customer support for Dead River Company?
Support resources for Dead River Company are available online at The information listed on that page can help if you need to update your account or have other questions about your bill or statement. Reach Dead River Company via phone at (207) 989-2770.
Does Dead River Company go by another name?
No, the primary name is "Dead River Company".

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