Putting Patients in Charge

Health Data Management | Joe Goedert

Seeking to offer online services to tech-savvy patients and speed payments, 10-hospital Saint Luke’s Health System in Kansas City, Mo.,…

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Get Organized: Tips for Going Paperless

PC Magazine | Jill Duffy

How much physical paper do you keep? When a financial statement arrives in the mail and you don’t have time…

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2014 Predictions: The social, mobile, customer-centric dam breaks for businesses

RCR Wireless | Steve Shivers

In the past few years the iOS and Android device revolution has firmly and irreversibly shifted consumer online activity to…

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2014 Insights from Leaders of Emerging Customer Communications

Infotrends | Matt Swain

“In 2013 we welcomed our millionth user and saw 6X growth, and that’s accelerating as we enter 2014. We announced…

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doxo means all your accounts, bills and payments in one place

Let's Talk Payments

doxo is a great place to store your old bills and payments, receipts, important documents, and more on the web or…

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Seattle Times taps doxo for bill delivery and payment

Mobile Payments Today

Seattle Times taps doxo for bill delivery and payment. Subscribers can manage their accounts with doxo, a free digital file…

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Simplifying patient billing not simple

Healthcare Finance News | Rodney Moore

Patient billing and explanation of benefits documents frequently baffle both patients and providers alike. This confusion impacts providers’ ability to…

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Paid on the run – More consumers are paying bills with mobile phones

American Gas Magazine | Jennifer Pilla Taylor

Some doubted they would receive a solid return on investment for mobile bill pay, believing that it would simply attract…

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Making strides with online billing

Hospitals & Health Networks | Paul Barr

People of all ages are paying most or all of their bills electronically, and hospital executives are taking notice. “There’s…

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Get Organized: 8 Tricks for Keeping a Neat Desk

PC Magazine | Jill Duffy

“It’s no wonder that the CEO of doxo, a company that offers online file management service, shared a tip about…

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