What’s doxo?

simply organized. simply paperfree. simply all about you.

Paperless was supposed to be better. But is it always? Trying to remember all those passwords, missing due dates, and not having a record for your files—it’s not fun. doxo is designed to make your paperfree life simple.

One Place, One Password

One Place, One Password

Keep all the important stuff from all your providers in one place, forever.

  • Own your own records, forever. No worries about archive times, deletion policies, or the mechanics of switching providers.
  • Multiple providers. doxo works with whoever you do—your telephone company, your electric company, your cable company, your credit card—even your health insurance providers.
  • Your providers come to you. When your providers join doxo, you can connect and they send everything important directly to you. No more hopping around multiple websites.

Organization Made Easy

Automatic organization. Stay on top of your household accounts and never worry about missing a due date again.

  • Do everything. Receive, file, manage, and pay—everything you need to do with your household accounts.
  • Not just bills. Whether it’s bills, statements, policies, EOB’s, T&C’s, and all those other things that providers send you—doxo can handle it.
  • Never miss a due date again. doxo automates the stay-on-top-of-it job and makes organization happen.
Organization Made Easy
Safe & Secure

Safe and Secure

Keeping your data safe and your account secure is always doxo’s top priority.

  • Better than bank-grade security. doxo records are encrypted, redundant, and remotely stored—always safe from hackers or natural disaster.
  • Safe from mailbox theft. Who came up with the idea of leaving your important documents in a little box out on the street? With 90% of information and identity theft a result of physical mail, it’s time to get on doxo.
  • Real-time access and monitoring. We alert you to every move that’s happening on your account—all in real time. You’ll always know exactly what’s going on.

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Connect and Go Paperfree

Connect to your providers on doxo and everything just gets simpler.

  • Directly to you. Your bills and other important documents come directly to you—no need to go and “fetch” them from other websites.
  • Automatic reminders. doxo automatically tracks and notifies you of due dates.
  • Get notified. When your providers join the doxo network, you’re automatically notified so that you can connect with them.
Connect and go paperless