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Pay your healthcare bills from the comfort and safety of your own home. Medical bills, hospital bills, doctor bills – the number you may have to pay every month can add up quickly, but doxo makes it easy to pay your bills and track all your payments!

Take the first step to organize all your healthcare and medical bills and payments in one place. Looking to pay your Physician or Doctor bill online? You can pay it on doxo! Need to set up an monthly alert for your Medical Supply bills? Schedule an automatic reminder with doxo! Interested in more payment options for your Lab bill? doxo enables you to pay with a credit card, debit card, bank account, or with Apple Pay!

doxo makes online bill payments easier. For instance, having multiple payment options enables you to choose the payment method that’s best for you, not just what your healthcare provider allows. Save money by paying with a checking or savings account, or earn rewards by using your favorite rewards credit card. You can even link your bank account to see your real-time bank balance and verify it before scheduling a payment. Track your payments with real-time status updates and save time by not logging into multiple websites to check due dates or your payment history. Search thousands of healthcare providers you can pay online and break free of the monthly bill burden with convenient, secure, and easy online payments.