As a kid, I loved to collect baseball cards.  I’d hoard my favorite players and spend hours sifting, sorting, and inspecting them- time mostly spent pouring over the player’s statistics on the back of the cards.  The colorful front side of the card was OK, but the good stuff was on the back: a player’s entire career summarized in objective, measurable statistics presented in tiny font.

So it’s no wonder I love the new doxo Account Stats email digest, now available for every doxo user.  It’s like the back of my own baseball card, but instead of statistics to illustrate my (lack of) skill as a baseball player, it shows me the key metrics for how effectively I manage and organize my accounts on doxo.

doxo Account Stats Email

In this email doxo users will find:

  • Listed Accounts– this is the count of companies you do business with, that you’ve added to your doxo List.  The average household has over 20 different providers (so I’m on an MVP-pace with my 44 different providers).
  • Folders– these are the folders for other documents that aren’t companies.  Our users tend to use folders to organize documents like product warrantees, auto repair histories, coupons, receipts for expense reports, and so on.
  • Documents– how many documents in your doxo account.

If you’re Connected to a Provider, you’ll also see:

  • Connected Accounts– the number of accounts you’ve Connected with your Providers.
  • Payments Delivered– how many payments you’ve submitted through doxo
  • Payments this Period– the dollar amount of payments you’ve paid during this reporting period

You’ll also see the list of your “To Do” items.  This list contains the same items from your To Do list within your doxo account.  From here you can see if you have any newly received documents, if you have any Providers listed that you haven’t yet Connected with, or any bills you’ve received that haven’t yet been paid through doxoPAY.

The Recent Activity History informs you of activity on your account. This log contains the most recent activity history found in your doxo Account.  This security feature helps to proactively notify you of any unauthorized access and helps you keep track of your past activity in doxo.

Last, we’ve included a simple Checklist to help you start getting organized with doxo.   This step-by-step checklist outlines the different ways you can use doxo to help get organized.

It’s all the good stuff about your organized online documents, like the back of a baseball card- but with much larger font.