We keep track, so you don’t have to

Part of being organized is keeping track of what you’ve done, so you can focus on what remains.  But some of us have a hard time remembering where we last parked the car- let alone the everyday tasks like paying bills or storing documents for safekeeping.

doxo users can now have the piece of mind that comes with a private history of your doxo account activity.   doxo will keep track of what you’ve done with your doxo account, so you don’t have to.

Key activities include:

  • account sign-in from a web browser or doxo Mobile,
  • bill payment activity,
  • document upload/file/move/shred activities, and
  • organizing activities, like creating folders, Connecting to a paperless provider, or adding companies to your doxo List.

doxo’s activity history also helps you keep your account private and secure.  Keeping an eye on this activity history will help you monitor for unauthorized access and activity.  You can feel safe knowing that these key activities are available and presented on your doxo dashboard for your review.

Now, if I could just remember where I put my keys…


Keep Secure with an Activity History